This is how The Mighty Eagle Kareoke and discovering the pigs' true intentions goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of the Angry Birds Movie.

[In Mighty Eagle's cave]

Mighty Eagle: Mighty, Might Eagle soaring free~

Ryan Tokisaki: Defender of our homes and liberty~

Mighty Eagle: Bravery! Humility! And honesty~ [jumps into his nest] You must've grown up singing this song in school.

Sci-Ryan: Ummm. I learned that from Crystal Prep.

Evil Ryan: Uh-huh. Yep.

Ryan Tokisaki: Mighty, mighty eagle~

Rescue me~

Mighty Eagle: Now you do the second verse.

Ryan F-Freeman: Me?

Mighty Eagle: Yes.

Ranyx: Wanna try?

Ryan F-Freeman: Mighty, Mighty Eagle flap your wings~

Mighty Eagle: Good one.

Sci-Ryan: And fill up your big cave with all your fancy things~

Ryan Tokisaki: Politeness, good sportsmanship and a long attention span~

Mighty Eagle: What?

Red (Angry Birds): Mighty, Mighty Eagle~


Mighty Eagle: Take it away, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: Oh, great heroic, Mighty Eagle~

With finner [summons his Keyblade] plumige than a seagull~

Mighty Eagle: Oh, sing it.

[Matau volcalizes]

Bomb (Angry Birds): Ambidexterity, pottery and bankruptcy~

Ranyx: Ouch.

Ryan F-Freeman: Mighty, Mighty Eagle~ [to Red and the others] Harmonise. Harmonise.

Ryan and the gang: Rescue me~

[Chuck holds a high note and stops]

Mighty Eagle: Wow. You know it better than me.

Sci-Ryan: We sure do.

Ranyx: So, anyway, Mighty Eagle, the other day, these pigs showed up out of nowhere and....

[Mighty Eagle walks off]

Matau T. Monkey: And he's walking out of the room.

Sci-Ryan: I don't get this. This guy sits here on his butt all alone. Clearly doesn't leave the house. He talks a good game but he doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Ranyx: Sounds a bit like Red.

Sci-Ryan: Oh, yeah. Thank you for your opinion, Ranyx.

Chuck (Angry Birds): How did Ranyx and Sci-Ryan knows what we are going to say?

Red (Angry Birds): Probably because of his big brain.


Mighty Eagle: Well, hello.

Sci-Ryan: Hello? Mighty Eagle?

Mighty Eagle: What?

Sci-Ryan: What on Earth are you doing?

Mighty Eagle: I'm bird-watching.

Sci-Ryan: What?

[Mighty Eagle passes him the binoculars]

Sci-Ryan: Oh. Is that what you see? Let me see.

[He looks through and sees Shirley bathing]

Sci-Ryan: Oh man. You are cool.

Mighty Eagle: Oh yeah.

Sci-Ryan: Look. Are you going to help us or not?

Mighty Eagle: I AM helping you.

Sci-Ryan: No, this is you helping. Looking through binoculars, spying on old ladies.

[He spots the party place]

Sci-Ryan: Wait. What is that? Wait. Whoa-whoa-whoa!

[He spots pigs putting TNT in various places]

Sci-Ryan: Oh my gosh. Red was right. GUYS! COME HERE!

Ryan F-Freeman: [from inside] We'll be there in a minuet.

Sci-Ryan: Just hurry up!

[Mighty Eagle stands up]

Mighty Eagle: Uh oh.

Sci-Ryan: Mighty Eagle? Fly my friends down there now please.

[Mighty Eagle stares at the sky]

Mighty Eagle: No.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. That is... WHAT!?

Mighty Eagle: I don't do that anymore. I'm retired. [softly] Mostly just tired. Go handle it yourselves. This is everything I've prepared you for.

Sci-Ryan: What? "Prepared us for"? Hold on, did I miss something? Let me just go through my notes really quick. Let's see. Crazy stuff, bragging, crazy stuff, kareoke. No, see, I don't see anything useful here. The whole world, everyone Red and I know is in danger.

Mighty Eagle: Yes. It is. So off you go.

Sci-Ryan: You know what? Tell him, Red.

Red (Angry Birds): I used to believe in you.

[Mighty Eagle stops]

Sci-Ryan: And I remember you like Prince Adam as a... a...

Ranyx: Beast?

Sunset Shimmer: No. A mer-man.

Ranyx: From Beauty and the Beast, Sunset. We will see him. Someday.

Sci-Ryan: Anyways, [clears throat] When Red was a kid, he believed in you as a hero. He believed nothing bad could ever happen cause you were there.

Red (Angry Birds): Now I see the fate of the world hangs on idiots like me. And that, sir, is sort of terrifying.

Sci-Ryan: You tell him, Red.

Mighty Eagle: You are a heroic Shadowbolt, Sci-Ryan. [to Red] It's time for you to go.

Ryan F-Freeman: You know, it's really upseting to us that you're the only bird that can fly and you're too afraid to do it.

Ryan Tokisaki: A house devided against itself would be better then this or Morro.

[Megatron transforms to Jet mode and flies off with Kuryan]

Emmet: Kuryan! You bring your bodygaurd back here!

Crash Bandicoot: You guys!

Metalbeard: You all be on yer own! I be leaving this lost cause!

[They hear an explosion in the distance]

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh oh. [goes inside of the cave] Rikki? I think it's time to transform.

Rikki: Right.

Ryan F-Freeman: Rikki, Spots on!

[Ryan's bracelet gains black spots on the gem and he turns into Ladyan]

Meg Griffin: [goes behind the rock near the lake] Time to transform, Kagg.

Kagg: Already?

Meg Griffin: Yeah! Something bad's happening.

Kagg: Oh.

Meg Griffin: Kagg. Claws out!

Kagg: Yahoo!

[Meg's watch gains a green paw with three claws and she turns into Kitty Noir]

Crash Bandicoot: Ryan? Meg?

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