The Mime is a episode of Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


Mylene's father and Ryan's teacher has been akumatized. Can Ladybug and her friends turn them back to normal?


Alya comes to visit/Telling the Super Buddies story

The episode begins with Ladybug rushing home before the last dot on her earrings disappears and she detransforms back to Marinette. By the time she lands on her balcony, she detransformed. Rikki asks Ryan if he could tell Merinette and Tikki the story of "Super Buddies" But in his own way. Ryan started to tell the story of Super Buddies

 ???/Mattis and Friends finds the Power Rings

At the

Birth of the Mime/

While that happens,

 ???/Encountering the Mime

Meanwhile, Pororo and his friends wonder where could

Birth of the Mime Princess

Sci-Ryan finds Odette who is sad and ask her why she is sad. Odette said that Fred has been Akumatized and Sci-Ryan gives Odette a thought translator in case if she gets turned into a Mime. Meanwhile, in Hawk Moth's lair, Ryan Repulsa senses Odette's sadness and sends an Akuma to make her his follower. Meanwhile, Ryan ask Human Crash if he heard of Rusty Riviets. Meanwhile, the Akuma lands on Odette's necklace and Ryan Repulsa communicated with her with a butterfly frame around her eyes naming her "Mime Princess". When Odette agrees, she becomes the Mime Princess. Mime Princess smashes a car with her invisible mallet. Meanwhile, Human Crash notices a tire rolling and ask Ryan if it's eather "Odette has been Akumatized or is it from a friend name Ariel Arach" which causes Ryan to have a flashback about her. The flashback ends when Crash slaps Ryan. Ryan tells Human Crash and Crash to find Thomas then Ryan transforms to Ladyan by saying "Rikki, Spots on!".

Saving Flutterwing and Pororo/Ladyan reunites with Ariel Arach

Meanwhile, Ladyan and Kitty Noir find Flutterwing and Pororo webbed to a


 ???/Ladyan vs. Mime Princess

Ladyan looks at the necklace and said that the Akuma must be in Odette's necklace Mime Princess is wearing.




  • This marks the appearance of Ariel Arach and the Mime Princess.
  • This episode have some elements of Super Buddies and the Wiggles episode "Safety".