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The Miner Trains are set of very intelligent, mining engines.


Based off the LEGO Power Miners, these trains represent each vehicle from the 2009 set of Power Miners. These engines spend most of their time underground mining for power crystals, gold, silver, and other gem stones. But these engines can also invent amazing things even design new kinds of weapons, but they also use conventional weapons which come in handy when they run into Rock Monsters and Looters. 2 of them can even leave the rails using mechanical legs and special bulldozer like treads. Thomas and Twilight Sparkle can also depend on these engines to help invent and fix things when the need it.

List of engines

  • Steam Grindor Miner Train #1 - [Based off the Granite Grinder] The rock digger
  • Steam Mech Miner Train #2 - [based off the Mine Mech]
  • Mucker Miner Train #3 - [custom engine] The explosives expert and geologist
  • Steam Claw Digger Miner Train #4 - [Based off the Claw Digger] Rock chopper
  • Steam Driller Miner Train #5 - [Based off the Thunder Driller] Tunnel digger
  • Steam Sweeper Miner Train #6 - [Based off the Crystal Sweeper] Crystal, gold, silver, and gem stone collector
  • Steam Exavator Miner Train #7 - [custom engine] Excavation digger


The Miner Trains have made quite a few amazing inventions including huge Lego vehicles.


The Miner Trains have a huge arsenal of weapons they keep in a special boxcar that converts into a gun rack with a ton of weapons from rifles, shotguns, pistols, heavy weapons, explosive weapons, and others. But they also have their own custom weapons they save for themselves.

Which consists of:

  • The Boomer .65 cal heavy machine gun
  • Big Trooper machine gun
  • Stapler 77 Automatic Rifle
  • 2.42 gigawatt Electron Cannon
  • M-555 Plasma Blaster


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