The Miner Trains' Mine is a huge mine where The Miner Trains work.



The Mine is located in a huge mountain side which has a small yard outside the mountain where most of the trucks and the mining machines are placed. On the side of the mountain is a heavily, armored door which leads to the mine, but it can only be opened by the Miner Trains' themselves. [however there is small exit way a small bit at the top of the mountain where the Miner Trains often go to study the nighttime sky and the Moon.] Then at certain parts of the mountain side, there are sentry guns that protect the mine from looters. As well as hidden cameras.


Then when entering the mine, there's a long tunnel that leads underground. And leads into a huge room, where the main base is located. In the main base is a huge machine the miners often used for cleaning gold and silver and converting the crystals for their uses in other places. Then there are 5 other rooms in the mine, such as: the big safe, the weaponry room, the sheds, the Crystal King's prison, and the tool room.

The Big Safe

The big safe is where the Miners put the collected gold, silver, crystal,s gem, and other treasures for safe keeping when the work day is over, then they will load trains to be taken out of the mine to be delivered to other places.

Weaponry room

The Weaponry room is where the Miner Trains keep all the weapons of their arsenal, [in which there's so many, they've lost count of how many there are] But sometimes they will load most of the weapons into small trucks or special boxcars, so they can bring them along on adventures in case they need to provide someone with some weaponry.

The Sheds

The sheds is where the Miner Train go to turn in for the night when they've finished their day at work.

Tool room

The tool room is where all the other mining tools are kept as well as smaller machines.

Crystal King's prison

The Crystal King's prison is where the Crystal King stays imprisoned. And has spent for many years feeding on the often crystal meal and lived, where he can often nap. The Miner Trains all know to keep away from the entrance to his prison, but when someone new is working in their mine, they must tell the being to stay away from the door, but some of their curiosity can get the better of them.

Further down

Further down the mine form the main room is where the entrances to each of the mining tunnels are, each one leading to a different one, but sometimes the Miner Trains make some new tunnels to mine in. However, inside most of the tunnels, Rock Monsters are often there.

Equipment often used



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