This is how the Mesmerizers start a Battle of the Bands in The Dazzlings' Good Turn.

Sonata Dusk: How much longer do you think the spell will last?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know. The Mesmerizers are clearly the negative parts of you but are also the boy versions of you. But only with ear rings instead of pendants.

Adagio Dazzle: I just hope they don't try what we tried. Because, if they do, then they'll turn the entire world into they're adoring fans and noble slaves.

Aria Blaze: And no one except us will be able to stop them.

Sonata Dusk: Hey, girls! Come and look at this.

[She rewinds the news report and the Mesmerizers enter Knapford Station, vocalizing as they strut forward and Thomas' friends turn to them]

[Allegro Mesmerize]
We heard you want to get together
We heard you wanna rock the island
We thought of something that is better
Something that changes all the rules
Why pretend we're all the same
When some of us shine brighter?
[Sonant Midnight and Anthem Flare]
Shine brighter
[Allegro Mesmerize]
Here's a chance to find your flame
Are you a loser or a fighter?
[The Mesmerizers]
Me and you, you and me
Why don't we see who is better
We don't have to be one in the same thing
Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition
Are you afraid of failing the audition?
[Allegro Mesmerize]
You're a star and you should know it
Yeah, you rise above the rest
It doesn't matter who you hurt
When you're just proving you're the best
[The Mesmerizers]
Ahh, Ahh, Ahh-ahh-ahhh!
Battle! You wanna win it
Let's have a battle, Battle of the Bands
Let's have a battle! We'll go all in it
Let's have a battle, battle, BATTLE!
Battle of the Bands
The Mesmerizers: Battle!
Gordon: I could beat you, Henry!
The Mesmerizers: Battle!
Henry: Ha! You wish, Gordon!
The Mesmerizers: Battle!
Diesel: I so want this!
The Mesmerizers: Battle!
Paxton: Not if I get it first, Diesel!
[The Mesmerizers and engines]
Me and you, you and me
Why don't we see who is better
We don't have to be one in the same thing
Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition
I going out and winning the audition!
[The Mesmerizers and engines]
Battle! We wanna win it
Let's have a battle, Battle of the Bands
Let's have a battle! We'll go all in it
Let's have a battle, battle, BATTLE!
Battle of the Bands

Sonata Dusk: They're trying what we tried, only they're doing it their way!

Adagio Dazzle: We have to stop them somehow!

Aria Blaze: Yeah. But how?

Twilight: Do you think we should as Optimus Prime? I'm sure he'll know what to do.

Sonata Dusk: Good idea. I mean, his medic Ratchet helped me and Aria after Adagio disbanded us in the past.

Rainbow Dash: Says the one who's band tried to take over our world all those years before.

Sonata Dusk: Hey! It's not my fault that we did it.

Applejack: True. But now the boy version yerselves are out there doing the same thing.

Aria Blaze: Yeah. We need to defeat them.

Fluttershy: Yes. And fast.

Twilight: So, let's go see Optimus for some ideas on how to.

Adagio Dazzle: That's probably a good idea.

Sonata Dusk: Yeah. We do need some ideas.

Aria Blaze: If we want advantage over our boy versions

Rarity: And somehow get rid of those awful ear rings.

Thomas: Yeah.

Percy: Those ear rings are the only source of their magic.

Applejack: Just like you gals using yer pendants.

James: Yeah. We have to act fast befor the entire world is taken over.

Emily: We must defeat the Mesmerizers.

Skarloey: Let's do this!

Everyone: Friendship is magic!

[On the Nemesis]

Thomas: Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime: Thomas! What is wrong?

Thomas: Okay, Optimus. Look, I know this is beyond wild, but boy versions of the Dazzlings have been created.

Ratchet: Not possible.

Thomas: It is possible.

Optimus: How?

Twilight: I used a spell that would remove the Dazzlings' negative parts but it somehow created boy versions of them.

Arcee: This can't be true.

Sunshine: It is true.

Thomas: And we need to stop before they take over the entire world.

Percy: They're trying what the Dazzlings tried.

Applejack: But only, they're doing it their way.

Optimus: So, you came to me for ideas.

Adagio Dazzle: Yeah, we did.

Rarity: Do you have any?

Optimus: Well, Twilight, do you know a counter spell?

Twilight: That's the only problem, I can't find a counter spell that can reverse it's affects.

Adagio Dazzle: Well, we need to find their weakness and fast.

Fluttershy: If we don't then who knows what might happen.

Sonata Dusk: We've got to hurry.

Applejack: Y'all better get ready.

Gordon: It won't take long.

Toby: Is the Optimus Maximus ready yet?

Henry: Almost!

Aria Blaze: We're nearly done.

Optimus: Let's roll!

Emily: We can do it!

Henry: Let's do it!

Fluttershy: We'll show them!

Pinkie Pie: That frienship is magic!

Applejack: Let's see them beat us now!

BumbleBee: Those Mesmerizers won't know what hit them.

Thomas: Yeah!

James: Look out, Mesmerizers!

Percy: We're coming!

Adagio Dazzle: Those miserable boys won't stand a chance.

Sonata Dusk: Let's have a real Battle of the Bands.

Aria Blaze: We're gonna bring those boys down.

Adaigo Dazzle: After all, we're the Dazzlings!

Sonata Dusk: And the Mesmerizers are going down, in style.

Aria Blaze: We are ready.

Ratchet: Let's transform! [transforms into ambulance mode]

[the other Autobots transform into their vehicle modes]

Sunset Shimmer: Let's go!

[they all set off]

Sonata Dusk: Do you think we do this?

Adagio Dazzle: I don't know if we can.

Aria Blaze: We've got to at least try.

[They step up to the door]

Recepption Lady: Can I help you?

Adagio Dazzle: Of course.

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