Moon Princess 001

Selena, the Moon Princess

The Moon Princess Selena is a lioness princess ruling the Moon Kingdom from over 1,000 years ago.

The Moon Kingdom was a kingdom on the moon where the Princess and her people worship the Lion Spirit because of it generosity of magic and its protection. She is engaged to Helios, the Sun Prince from the Sun Kingdom.


The Lion Moon Brooch, held by Benny when it was found in the Cave of Wonders before handing it to Rae.

In Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Aladdin, Selena is the creator and the original owner of the Lion Moon Brooch, a magical brooch that transforms the owner into a magical warrior and the ability to cast spells and healing magic.

The Dark Ones plans to take over the Moon Kingdom when the Princess uses the spell "Lion Spirit Meditation" to banish them. According to the ancient scroll found in Agrabah, it is said that Princess died when she casted the spell, proving that the spell can be too dangerous to cast unless it is deep under control.

How the brooch was buried inside the Cave of Wonders with Genie's lamp still remains a mystery, but the reason why the brooch chooses Rae as its next owner becomes clear that she is the one with the right hands to control its magic.

Throughout the adventures, more clues about her, the kingdom, the Lion Spirit, and the riddles will be uncovered.


  • The Moon Princess's story is revealed in the deviantART fanfiction, The Moon Kingdom.

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