The Mystery of The Sabotage of The Beauty Parade It's The 6th Episode of "Pooh's Adventures Chronicles" by DisneyDaniel93 And it Will Appear on Youtube In A Near Future


Night is in Gotham City, and It's Giving a beauty pageant in the Gotham's Amphitheatre with Pooh, Ash, Tracey, and their friends, Batman and Robin, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as their honored guests, introducing the largest treasure the rubies of Cleopatra, who Give to each one of the contestants, but suddenly, one of the contestants Intoxic in the face Leaving A Horrible smile of the Joker but at that time, Bowser, his family, accompanied by the Psycho Rangers, and the criminals, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Harvey two-face, and the Penguin plan sabotage the pageant and steal rubies, Solo Dependen of our heroes, stop this Evil threat until late

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