The NEXO Knight Band Fights is new movie.


When a band known as the Cyberlanders mesmerize the entire school of the Knights Academy with their beautiful and hypnotic singing, it's up to Ryan and the gang to return to the NEXO Knights world and stop the Cyberlanders before they take it over and take their popularity too far.


Prologue: Velocitronian Energy

The film starts with Ryan getting a book for Evil Ryan to read to the Dazzlings about a battle of the bands got turned into a Friendship Duel Band Fight by the Cyberlanders (A.K.A Evil Rianna, Evil Adam and Beatrice T. Monkey) and how Ryan reform them. He starts reading and the pages in it come to live. At a cafe in the NEXO Knights world, patrons argue as a strange purple mist swirls around their feet. At the corner booth, two hooded girls and a hooded boy sings as the mist flows into


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