Here is the scene where G-Merl goes on his journey as the lone wolf in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(Some time later, G-Merl walks around, but then, He looks around with a great sense of nostalgia)

G-Merl: Huh? This is... Traverse Town.

(He looks down)

G-Merl: Hey, what's with these clothes? Must be more of Master Yen Sid's magic.

(He checks out his outfit, the red and black fabric, and the white straps crossing his chest. He stomps his foot against the ledge floor. Over the rooftops, some figures jumps at lightning fast speed)

G-Merl: What happened here?

(G-Merl jumps onto the railing of the ledge)

G-Merl: Hmmm, Hellooo? Anyone!

????: Hey, shut up over there.

G-Merl: Huh?

????: Man, talk about noise...

(G-Merl sees Goku, Vegeta, Ryuko and Danielle were in the air above him and falls off the ledge. G-Merl picks himself up off the ground as they jumps down in front of him)

Vegeta: So, you're names G-Merl, am I right?

G-Merl: Yeah, but, uh... how do you know that?

(He grabs G-Merl's hand and opens his palm)

Ryuko Matoi: Looks like he's not a Player.

G-Merl: A Player?

Goku: Yeah, you know, In the Game.

(He shows his own palm to G-Merl, which reads "43:09" in red-lit numbers, slowly counting down)

Ryuko Matoi: Players get marked with the time limit. And this Game, we can't afford to lose. we need to find someone name "Black Doom".

G-Merl: Okay... I don't know about any "Black Doom," but can I help?

Vegeta: What? Time out. Do you trust every total stranger you meet? Look-- sorry, you're no good. You're not a Player and our pact's with someone else.

Goku: Oh come on, Vegeta, that's not what were suppost to do.

???: Do you wanna ask questions or do we wanna keep up on our mission.

G-Merl: Okay, so we can't be partners. Why don't I just help you guy's out as your friend?

(The Vegeta turns away from G-Merl)

Vegeta: Now we're friends? It's not that easy.

Ryuko Matoi: Not saying it is Vegeta, but...we could make it easier.

Goku: Yeah, sounds great.

Vegeta: Hmph, whatever.

G-Merl: Cool! Lead the way.

(Goku jumps toward a lamppost and swings around it, much to G-Merl's surprise. He leaps from the lamppost to a railing and slides upwards, making a huge leap into the air, and landing near the back of the accessory shop. Sora gives a small laugh and follows him to the Second District)

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