The New Night Fury King is another film in The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


When King Night Fury suddenly coughts, Brian learns he will have to rule the land of Night Fury Topia, unless he can find a suitable heir to the throne. The most-promising candidate is "Twister", a talking teenage slacking Night Fury on a moon of Naboo. Brian and his trusted companions, Peter, the guys, Nightstriker, Flik, the Circus Bugs, the Human Mane 6, the Crystal Prep Girls, Master Shake, Meatwad, and Frylock set out to bring Twister back but find their mission is a bigger challenge than they expected when Starlight Glimmer returns for revenge, and Cadance is pregnant with another foal!


Royalty practice

One morning, Brian and Sylveon awakes from bed but Flik comes in and says that Brian needs to prepare for the king.




  1. Royal Pain

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