7. The New Shoes Poster
The New Shoes
is the seventh episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Yuna have to clean Luna's shoes after the mud incident.

The mud incident

Princess Yuna was Flying with Dusty Crophopper when Suddenly, They'd bump into each other and got into the mud and Princess Luna's shoes were a mess.

Cleaning Luna's shoes

Princess Yuna has to clean Luna's shoes and She forgives her because she didn't wanted to stay mad at her.

Luna tells Yuna about how she got her shoes

That night, Princess Luna tells Yuna about how she got her silver horseshoes at the Royal Shoe Maker's cottage in Canterlot.

Polishing the Royal Sisters' shoes

The next day, Yuna have to polish Luna and Celestia's shoes after returning home from the Shoe Maker's Cottage.

The kissing shoe/Ending

Later that night, it was time for Yuna to go to bed, So, she kissed her mother's shoe as she tucked her in bed.


  • This is when Moon Shoes polishing Celestia and Luna's shoes because she is a shoe polisher.


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