This is how the next morning and Fixit's birthday goes in Fracture Strikes Back.

[The next morning, at the Autobot Base]

Fixit: Wow! I can't believe it!

[Fixit checks Ryan's calendar]

Fixit: Good old Ryan! I knew he wouldn't forget my birthday.

Bumblebee: Hey, Fixit!

Fixit: Hi, Bumblebee. You know what day it is today?

Bumblebee: Of course I do. It's Tuesday. I have to help Optimus scout for Energon.

Fixit: Yes. But who's birthday is it today?

Bumblebee: Sorry, Fixit. Can't stand around chatting. [drives through the Groundbridge]

Fixit: Bumblebee's forgotten my birthday.

Discord: Forgotten what, Fixit?

Fixit: Discord. Do you know what today is?

Discord: Let me check.[checks Ryan's calendar] Today is Tuesday.

Fixit: Yes. But who's birthday is it today?

Discord: I'm sorry, Fixit. I don't have time for chit-chat. Besides, I'm going to Fluttershy and Crash's tea party. See you later.

Fixit: [sighs sadly] Discord's forgotten too.

Matau T. Monkey: Easy for you to say, Fixit.

Fixit: Matau! Who's birthday is it today?

Matau T. Monkey: I'm sorry, Fixit. Haven't got time. I'm going to practice with my band, Matau and the Skylanders. So, I'll talk to you later.

Fixit: [sighs sadly] Everyone seems to have forgotten my birthday. [rolls off]

[Later, Fixit is at the Alchemor]

Fixit: Well, at least I can do something on my birthday. Besides, there's no Decepticon activity now.

[Crash comes in]

Crash Bandicoot: Fixit! There's a Decepticon activity at the military base and it's under attack.

Fixit: I was aware of that. [presses the comm-link] Everyone to the Alchemor immediately. Repeat, everyone to the Alchemor immediately.

[the heroes arrive]

Ryan F-Freeman: What's going on, Fixit?

Fixit: I'm picking up a Decepticon energy signature. [checks the data banks and finds the Decepticon it belongs] Fracture!

Captain Hook: Who are with him, Fixit?

Fixit: His Mini-Cons, Airazor and Divebomb.

Matau T. Monkey: And who else?

Fixit: Your evil twin brother Bertram, Evil Ryan, Evil Anna and Airachnid.

Anna: Evil Anna? The evil version of me is with them?

Fixit: Yes, Anna.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ratchet, open up the Groundbridge to the military base.

Ratchet: Got it. [does so]

Ryan F-Freeman: Fixit, who's going with you?

Fixit: I'm going with Strongarm, Sideswipe, and a few others. Including Thomas.

Jessica Fairbrother: I'll come with you, Fixit.

Fixit: Thanks, Jessica. Who else wants to come with me to kick some 'Con butt.

Jessica Fairbrother: You want to come Mike, Zoey and Sideswipe?

Sideswipe: I'll tag along.

Zoey(Total Drama): You can count me in, Jessica.

Mike (Total Drama): I'll come along. My alternate personalities could be on hand ready and waiting.

Jessica Fairbrother: Good for you, Mike. Here's something so you can fight.[gives Mike a sword]

Mike (Total Drama): What's this?

Jessica Fairbrother: It's a Keyblade. My grandfather Ryan made it for you.

Mike (Total Drama): Cool. Does it transform into swords for my alternate personalities?

Jessica Fairbrother: Yes it does.

Mike (Total Drama): Wow! Can't wait to use it on the sneak of a Decepticon Bounty Hunter.

Jessica Fairbrother: The same thing for his friends.

Thomas: Alright. Come on, everyone. We need to stop Fracture from attackin that Military base before it's too late.

Jessica Fairbrother: Right. Thomas, assume cover and burn rubber!

Thomas: [through laughter] What?!

Ryan F-Freeman: She said transform and roll out.

Thomas: Oh. Okay. Thanks for reminding me, Ryan. You heard Jessica, guys, assume cover and burn rubber! [puffs ahead]

Fixit: Right behind you, Thomas.

[The entire group enters the Groundbridge]

Bumblebee: So, video games?

Pinke Pie: Sorry, Bumblebee. You want to help us with the party decorations?

Bumblebee: Sure.

Raf Esquivel: So, Twilight, whilst they're doing the decorations, do you wanna play video games with us?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Raf. Buck and Discord will play with you.

[Later, the Groundbridge opens the military base]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. This is a mess.

Fixit: Tell me about it, Ryan. Okay. Everybody spread out and search. Fracture could be nearby.

Crash Bandicoot: Right. [sniffs the ground]

[Mike spots Divebomb nearby]

Mike(Total Drama): Look! It's Divebomb!

Fixit: Hold it right, Divebomb!

[Jessica senses Frature through her power of the Force]

Fixit: What's up, Jessica?

Jessica Fairbrother: I sense Fracture. He's where the computers are.

Fixit: Well, I'm staring right at him.

Matau T. Monkey: Right, Fixit. It's time to get [summons his Keyblade] Buck wild.

Fracture: I wanna know where OpThomas Prime is.

Jessica Fairbrother: You won't find out Fracture!

Thomas: Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late. Had to check the other side.

Fracture: So, you finally showed up.

Jessica Fairbrother: What are you and your friends doing here, Fracture?

Fracture: We came for only one thing. To find out who OpThomas Prime was, find him and bring him home.

Matau T. Monkey: Home to where?

Fracture: Cybertron. Explain why Divebomb.

Divebomb: Because what we thought that OpThomas is dead.

Airazor: So its important that we bring him back to Cybertron and his creators immediately.

Crash Bandicoot: Why ever would you do that?

Fracture: Because his creators want him back and they sent us to bring him.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ha! Don't make me laugh. Which I did, but it was mocking. Mocking I tell you!

Fracture: Grrrrr! Airazor! Divebomb! Get them! And don't hurt the Train-Prime.

Crash Bandicoot: Have at you![summons his Keyblade and knocks out Airazor]

[Divebomb springs into action and attacks]

Ryan F-Freeman:[grabs Divebomb] Have a nice flight![throws Divebomb at Fracture]

[Airachnid, Evil Ryan, Evil Anna and Bertram attack]

Jessica Fairbrother: Princess Anna. Take out your lightsaber.[activates her lightsaber] You and I'll hold Bertram and Evil Ryan off.

Anna: Okay, Jessica. [activates her lightsaber]

Bertram T. Monkey: The princess of Arendelle has a lightsaber?[summons his Keyblade] Evil Ryan, give me your Keyblade.

Evil Ryan: Right. Airachnid, take care of OpThomas Prime.

Airachnid: Yes, my master.

[Airachnid fires her webbing]

Jessica Fairbrother: Thomas! What did you do?

Thomas: I was busy checking the other side until I heard you guys and Fracture talking about me.

[The webbing strikes Thomas]

Anna: What did Airachnid do to Thomas, Evil Ryan?

Evil Ryan: She webbed him to that wall. The strings are made of pure anger, inperbeous to force.

Jessica Fairbrother: You don't have any weapons to fight! Anna and I have lightsabers and you gave your Keyblade to Bertram.

Evil Ryan: True. But I have Decepticons do all the fighting. Megatron, if you would do the honors?

Megatron: It will be my pleasure, Evil Ryan.[draws his sword and is about to fight Jessica and Anna, but Crash blocks him]

Crash Bandicoot: I will not let you harm them.

Megatron: So, Crash Bandicoot. We meet again, again.

[Thomas struggles to break free from Airachnid's webbing, but can't]

Thomas: Ryan. I need you to cut the webbing so that I can break free. I can't get out of it on my own.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Thomas.[summons his Keyblade]

[Ryan cuts through the webbing and frees Thomas. Just then, Drift the Autobot comes running through an open Groundbridge]

Ryan F-Freeman: Drift. Great! You can help me fight Airachnid.

Drift: With pleasure, my techno-organic friend. Jetstorm! Slipstream! Deal with those villains and Mini-Cons!

Jessica Fairbrother: Drop the lightsabers, Evil Ryan!

[Drift deploys his two Mini-Con Students and they grab the lightsabers and ready their weapons]

Evil Ryan: No matter. I got some spare lightsabers.[his arms split into two and activates his lightsabers]

Jetstorm: Well, if you want to take OpThomas Prime back to Cybertron and his creators, you'll have to go through us.

Evil Ryan: Very well then. Bring it on. [starts swinging both lightsabers round in circles as he approaches the Mini-Cons]

Jessica Fairbrother: Wow! He's doing what General Grievous does.[to Anna] Anna, get ready to fight Bertram and Evil Ryan.

Slipstream: Fear not, ladies. For we will deal with this menace and his monkey apprentice with the robot arm.

Jessica Fairbrother: Hello. Anna and I got lightsabers. We'll handle them.

Slipstream: Don't worry, ladies. We'll handle them.

Anna: We'll handle them together. Right, Jessica?

Jessica Fairbrother: Right. Come on. Let's finish these bad boys. [starts swinging her lightsaber around]

Bertram T. Monkey: Un guard! [starts swinging Evil Ryan's and his Keyblades around]

[They get into a huge swordfight. In the ensuing chaos, Fracture approaches Thomas]

Ryan F-Freeman: Stop right there, you Decepticreep!

Fracture: [throws him aside] Step aside, I've got business to handle.

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't think so. Stopza![casts a spell on Fracture]

Fracture: Hah! Didn't I tell you in your vision? Magic doesn't work on Transformers.

Ryan F-Freeman: D'oh!

Fracture: Now if you'll excuse me. [approaches Thomas but is pounced on by Strongarm]

Storngarm: You leave Thomas and Ryan alone, you Decepti-jurk!

Fracture: Try and make me, Auto-loser!

Ryan F-Freeman: She'll show you!

Evil Anna: Airachnid, fight Ryan while I help Fracture.

Airachnid: With pleasure, your highness. [shoots webbing again]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa! [dodges Airachnid's webbing] Thomas, tell Evil Anna why Airachnid is attacking me.

Thomas: Why?

Ryan F-Freeman: Because I want to know why she obeying Evil Anna, Evil me's and Bertram's every command.

Thomas: Alright, alright. [turns to Evil Anna] Evil Anna, why is Airachnid obeying you? You should be obeying her.

Evil Anna: Isn't it obvious, OpThomas Prime? The reason why she's obeying me is that Evil Ryan, Bertram and I sang to her and she's fallen under our spell.

Ryan F-Freeman: Spell? What spell?

Evil Anna: The same spell that The Dazzlings used on the students of Canterlot High, silly techno-organic.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's crazy! How did you do that?

Evil Anna: We sang. How else do you think we could get Airachnid to obey us? Hypnosis? Perhaps if we put an obeance device on her head.

Ryan F-Freeman: So, you and two of your friends got Siren Pendants like the Dazzlings?

Evil Anna: Yep. Bertram forged them from the gems in Crash Bandicoot's homeworld. My pendant is blue, Bertram's is purple and Evil Ryan's is orange.

Thomas: Wow! Nice explaination but you still won't get away with what you are doing. It's weird and unacceptable.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. That's why the Dazzlings are after me, right?

Evil Ryan: Yes. And now, it's time to end this shrade. Prepare to be dominated. [closes in on Ryan with both Lightsabers]

Ryan F-Freeman: Not if I have anything to say about it![Pulls out and activates his Lightsaber, it's just like Kylo Ren's lightsaber but the blade and the cross guards are blue]

[They get into a massive swordfight. At that moment, Strongarm and Sideswipe managed to grab Fracture before he reaches Thomas]

Ryan F-Freeman: Nice job, Storngarm and Sideswipe.

[However, before Strongarm can stasis cuff, Fracture throws the two off and sprints off into the trees]

Ryan F-Freeman: Looks like we have two weapons each, Evil me.

Evil Ryan: Evil Anna, Bertram, Airazor, Divebomb, Airachnid. Go with Fracture and find an easy place to hide.

Evil Anna: Yes, sir.

Divebomb: Come on! [follows Fracture into the trees and the other villains follow him]

Ryan F-Freeman: It's you and me now, Evil me.

Evil Ryan: Nope. Just you. [snaps his fingers and disappears in a cloud of pink smoke, which makes Ryan cough]

Ryan F-Freeman: Great Scott! He's gone!

Thomas: Don't worry, Ryan. We catch him later. Right now, we need to catch up to Fracture before he causes anymore mayhem.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're right, Thomas. Fix-it Felix, Fixit, can you two fix this base, please?

Fixit: Yes. We can fix it. Come on, Felix. Let's get started on this big fixing job [heads to the base with Felix behind him]

Matau T. Monkey: I'll help too.[puts on a hard hat on his head]

Ryan F-Freeman: Come on, guys. We can't let Fracture get away.

Matau T. Monkey: Right, Master Ryan. Jessica, Crash and Anna, come with us.

[The others follow them into the trees in persuit of Fracture. In the meanwhile, Ryan puts a blindfold on Fixit]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Fixit. Follow me through the groundbridge.

Fixit: Okay. [takes Ryan's hand and Ryan leads him through the groundbridge]

Ryan F-Freeman: How's is Contralto doing, Fixit?

Fixit: She's doing fine. She and the others are on Fracture's trail right about now. By the way, where are you taking me?

Ryan F-Freeman: Someplace very special.

[They continue on and exit the Groundbridge, which opens up in the Autobot Base. Ryan then lets go of Fixit's hands]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Fixit. You can take the blindfold off.

[Fixit takes the blindfold off and gasps at what he sees]

Ryan F-Freeman and the others: Surprise!

Fixit: Why? Why? I'm so surprised! So you didn't forget my birthday after all!

Cupcake Slash: We didn't forget. Happy birthday.[blows on a party blower]

Pinkie Pie: I organized this surprise party just for you.

Cody Fairbrother: Discord and I did the balloons.

Rarity: I designed the music.

Garfield: I brought some food in here.

Rainbow Dash: [grabs an electric guitar] And I worked a special birthday rock song. Hit it!

Buck the Weasel: Hitting it, Rainbow Dash.

[The music Happy Birthday starts playing]

Rainbow Dash: Our friend Fixit is one year older today~

Sir Daniel Fortesque and Garfield: So, we say Hooray~

Pinkie Pie: He came down from the sky in a Cybertron prison ship~

Ryan F-Freeman and Discord: And man. It's so hip~

Twilight Sparkle: He says words that rhyme with the first one he says~

Rarity: He helped us out with so many things~

Sci-Twi and Ryan F-Freeman: He have some best days~

Applejack: Friendship comes from his heart~

Cody Fairbrother: Time for the party to start~

[Cody blows a party blower]

Rainbow Dash: Fixit's helped us in many situations~

Ryan F-Freeman: Like when Sci-Twi turns into Midnght Sparkle~

[record scratching]

Ryan F-Freeman: No offence, Sci-Twi.

Sci-Twi: None taken.

[music resumes playing]

Fixit: I am so great~

Emmet and Batman(The LEGO Movie): Happy birthday, our mate~

Mike: Oh, yeah~

Ryan F-Freeman: Happy Birthday, Fixit.

Fixit: Thanks.

Discord: Matau has bought some presents for you, Fixit.

Fixit: Thanks. But we have to get back to the others.

Ryan F-Freeman: Right, Fixit. Evil me, Bertram and Evil Anna got Airachnid under their spell.

[Fixit opens the Groundbridge and he and Ryan go through]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope my sister will be so happy.


Matau T. Monkey: Hi, Master Ryan. Did you tell Fixit about something?

Fixit: He certainly did.

Crash Bandicoot: What did you tell Fixit, Ryan?

Fixit: How Airachnid falls under Evil Ryan's Bertram's and Evil Anna's spell. Plus your master has a sister, Matau.

[Matau looks at Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: What? Why are you looking at me, Matau?

Matau T. Monkey: Are you related to someone, Master Ryan?

Fixit: He told me that he had a sister named Sari Sumdac.

Matau T. Monkey: Now's not the time for chit chat. We have to find Fracture and the other villains.

Fixit: Right.

[With Crash and the others]

Crash Bandicoot: I can't believe that those three villains have got siren pendants.

Thomas: Drift, can you find Fracture and why Airachnid is under their spell?

Drift: Yes, Thomas. He's somewhere around here and Airachinid is under their spell like what the Dazzlings did. Anyways, I wanted to tell you I too was once a Decepticon.

Crash Bandicoot: Yup. And the reason why Evil Ryan, Bertram and Evil Anna got these pendants is that they are Equestrian Sirens.

Drift: Equestrian Sirens?!

Slipstream: I don't know what that is.

Jetstorm: It's what the Dazzlings are, Slipstream.

Drift: Well, these sirens are with Fracture and I think he's near a mine. Plus, OpThomas, I swear, I will have Fracture's head posted on Matau's wall. I promised to protect all the ones I know and you.

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah. If the Dazzlings or the other three puts Ryan under their spell, I'm ready to fight... for the you guys!

Thomas: That's good, Crash. And maybe Contralto will free Ryan. But, the Dazzlings are not here.

Drift: OpThomas is right, Crash. Find your inner compass. Loyalty is but a flower in the winds of fear and temptation.

Crash Bandicoot: You know what's that you're saying?

Drift: It's a haiku. I am glad you like it. Plus, I think Ryan, Matau and Fixit are coming to us right now.

Fixit: We're here.

[Crash turns to see Ryan and Fixit]

Jessica Fairbrother: Hi, Grandpa. How did Evil Ryan say the line my mom said in her movie?

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