(A white room is revealed. It is circular, with a stone floor and tall white chairs of differing heights. Axel is seated with two cloaked figures, one sitting on the topmost chair; only Axel is unhooded. One of the two sits with his arms crossed)

Axel: No way!? It's too soon! You can't seriously get rid of her?!

???: It's an order. Why do you hesitate? You, who has been ruthless towards those who've turned their backs on the Organization?

Axel: But it's not like that! she didn't betray us! she can't come back!

???: If he doesn't return, you know what you must do. Or you will face the consequences.

(The cross-armed man summons a naginata and drives it toward Axel. It strikes to his right and some hair is sliced off. Axel is unflinching. The leader holds up a hand to pacify him. He looks to the leader, then looks away. The naginata vanishes, and the leader summons a sphere of energy. Electrical bolts shoot out from it toward the walls)

Axel: So, you'll turn me into a Dusk... (He pauses) Tch, all right! I'll do it, if that's what you want!

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