The Out-mode Resistance is a group of out cast, hodge-podge engines that live in Cartoon World and who have formed their own group to help out other engines who were getting old and worn out, as well as engines who respect them.


The Out-mode Resistance first started when Quzal had lost a battle to Glaitor and had lost many of his friends. But when he left his home, he saw many trains that were worn out and getting old. Feeling somber for them, he decided to help them get fixed and get their strength back. So they all formed into a resistance team. When Some of the Cartoon engines (along with Rattlesnake Jake) had left Equestria to had back to their home. Their ship was attacked, but they escaped on the attached barge and then the Resistance found them and brought them to their hideout. And brought them back to full health. Quzal then told them about Galitor. So the Cartoon engines helped the resistance engines get better with their tactics and weaponry. Then later, a visitor came to see them, it was


Main Weaponry



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