The Overlord is an evil spirit who serves as the main antagonist of seasons 2 and 3 of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, Legacy of the Green Ninja and Rebooted, and one of the three main antagonists of the series (the other two being Pythor and Clouse). He is the source of evil and is the one who created the Great Devourer.


When the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, the Overlord was brought to life and battled the First Spinjitzu Master for Ninjago. But before the Overlord could claim Ninjago, the First Spinjitzu Master split Ninjago in half, with the Overlord banished on the dark half.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

  • 20. The Stone Army
  • 21. The Day Ninjago Stood Still
  • 22. The Last Voyage
  • 23. Island of Darkness
  • 24. The Last Hope
  • 25. Return of the Overlord
  • 26. Rise of the Spinjitzu Master
  • 27. The Surge
  • 28. The Art of the Silent Fist
  • 29. Blackout
  • 30. The Curse of the Golden Master
  • 31. Enter the Digiverse
  • 32. Codename: Arcturus
  • 33. The Void
  • 34. The Titanium Ninja
  • 44. The Corridor of Elders (flashback)


  • 5. The Digiverse and Beyond
  • 7. Beasts and Dragons
  • 9. Prophecy of the Green Ninja
  • 10. Greatest Battles


  • It is unknown if his spirit can be destroyed. As Zane said "Defeated yes, but can he be destroyed?", it might imply that the Overlord's spirit is indestructible.
  • In the Doctor Aaron's Adventures Series, The Overlord becomes the leader of the Dark Dragon Empire after Malefor's defeat.



The Overlord changing into his original form.

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The Overlord in battle

Question7 question

The Overlord attacking as the Golden Master

Golden Master with the Power of Golden Weapons

The Overlord on his mech

LEGO Ninjago First Spnjitzu Master vs Overlord

The Overlord in battle with the First Spinjitzu Master

Overlord Garmadon-L'ultime combat a commencé

The Overlord charging his dark beams


The Overlord firing his dark beams


The Overlord about to fire his dark beams


The Overlord fires his dark beams

Tumblr static big dragon go rawr

The Overlord's original form

Golden Master Overlord

The Overlord about to become the Golden Master

Golden Master in his walker

The Overlord attacking with his Golden Master Mech


The Overlord about to fire

Pythor and the Golden Master Overlord

The Overlord with Pythor


The Overlord as the Golden Master rising in a prophecy

Maxresdefault 3

The Overlord as the Golden Master in a prophecy

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The Overlord's Golden Mech's webs

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The Overlord preparing for battle

Overlord as The Golden Master

The Overlord prepares to finish his enemies

Overlord in Lord Garmadon's Body

The Overlord battling Lloyd


The Overlord returns

Image 2

The Overlord Virus

Maxresdefault 5

The Digital Overlord returns

Nindroids and Golden Master Overlord

The Overlord and his Nindroids


The Overlord about to press the button on the Garmatron

Dragon Overlord

The Overlord as a dragon in his original form


The Overlord about to fire his Dark Matter breath

Overlord (1)

The Overlord in battle with Lloyd

Overlord Creating Stone Army

The Overlord creating the Stone Army

CARE1009301700026944 006 640x360

The Overlord with his Mech


The Overlord enraged

Maxresdefault 6

The Overlrod getting mad

Maxresdefault (7)

The Overlord and Pythor witnessing the Ninja get past his powers

Digital Kraken

The Overlord attacking as the Digital Kraken

Overlord Dragon 2

The Overlord firing his Dark Matter breath at Lloyd

Rebooted Overlord

The Overlord ordering his troops to prepare for battle

IMG 3435

The Overlord attacking the Ninja

Overlord Attacking Ninjago City

The Overlord attacking New Ninjago City


The Overlord first introduced


The Overlord's spirit

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 7.37.04 PM

The Overlord possessing Garmadon

Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 7.54.29 PM

The Overlord in his original form


The Overlord as the Digital Overlord


The Overlord becoming the Golden Master


The Digital Overlord as the Digital Kraken in the Digiverse


The Overlord as a blob

Overlord ninjago episode 33 by zanesecretcrush-d7loog2

The Overlord as a 90% Golden Master

Golden Master

The Overlord as the Golden Master