This how The Overlord drains Twilight's friends of their magic goes in My Little Pony Transformers Prime: Twilight's Kingdom.

[The Overlord walks over to Twilight's friends]

The Overlord: At last. Your magic is mine!

Rainbow Dash: I don't think so.

Pinkie Pie: Good luck with trying to get it.

Rarity: We like to see you try.

Applejack: So why do you try?

Fluttershy: Is now the best time to let him?

The Overlord: Indeed it is.

[The Overlord uses his four arms to hold Twilight's friends in place and sucks out their magic with them and transforms into his fourth and final form: a giant dark purple dragon with purple eyes]

The Overlord: You really think Twilight would do anything for you?

[Discord comes over]

Discord: If Twilight has magic to give, it will be yours. Soon there won't be a Pegasus, Earth Pony, or Unicorn who will be able to stand up against us.

The Overlord: Us? Who said anything about us?

Discord: You did.

The Overlord: You've helped me grow strong, you've provided the means by which I can obtain Princess Twilight's magic and now you are no longer of any use to me.

[The Overlord grabs him and drains his magic]

Discord: But...

The Overlord: Lloyd Garmadon who defeated me. You're as worthless as he is. [leaves to find Twilight]

[Discord falls to the floor]

Applejack: Surely you saw that coming.

Discord: I did.

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