The Past of the Power Rangers is a fifteenth episode of the second season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


With the Orb of Time falling in the evil hands of Ivan Ooze's new monster, The Harmony Force Rangers must do whatever it takes to prevent him from destroying the Legendary History of the Past Power Rangers from Battle Star to Sky Force Rangers.

The Orb of Time/Starlight Glimmer's time traveling adventures

At the Crystal Prep Academy's Secret Lab, Ransik showed Twilight and her friends the Orb of Time. With it's powers, It gave him the ability to go back in time. Soon, Starlight Glimmer started to think she could go on a time traveling adventure of her own.

Fixing every disasters from the Legendary Pasts/Ransik spoke with Starlight

After hearing about the histories of the Legendary Power Rangers, Starlght disguised herself as Miss Do Well and every disasters such as the lost of the Green Ranger Power on account of the Green Candle, The lost of Mike Corbett's power as the Magna Defender and returning the Magna Sword, The lost of the Ranger Power with Shane, Tori and Dustin defeating Lothor buying her enough time to retrieve the Samurai Cyclone Morpher, The replicating of Mesomonster making the real one glowing, Udonna loosing her Snow Staff by Koragg, Retrieving the Corona Aurora from Moltor, Preventing Dai Shi from possessing Jarrod's body in the first place, Saving Robo Knight after risking his life for Orion and destroying every last Greenzilla eggs before Sledge could find them. When Starlight returned, Ransik spoke to her about using the Orb of Time wisely. With that said, Starlight trusted Ransik and kept it safe for him.

Ivan Ooze sends a new monster to take over time/Chameleooze steals the Orb

Back at Ivan Ooze's evil lair, Sledge begins to remember how he failed his attempt to use the Greenzilla Eggs on account of Miss Do Well, So, Ivan sends his new monster, Chameleooze to steal the Orb of Time. Back at Crystal Prep, Starlight encounters Chameleooze as it stool the orb from her after she lost the fight.

Starlight Glimmer plans to fix her mistake/The Rangers goes back in time

Then, Starlight Glimmer plans to fix her mistake for letting the Orb of Time fall in the wrong hands. Soon, The Harmony Force Rangers are preparing to go back in time.

Meeting the first five groups of Legendary Past Power Rangers

When they got here, They've encountered one of the Legendary Past Power Rangers, The Battle Star, Trump Squad, World Legion, Electro Force and Solar Force Rangers.

Remembering the past of Miss Do Well/Professor Utonium gives Ransik a hand

Back at the 21st Century, Ransik met with Tommy Oliver, Mike Corbett, Cameron Watanabe, Udonna, Mack Hartford, Master Swoop, Jarrod and Robo Knight as they explained about the memories some had about Miss Do Well. Soon, Professor Utonium decided to help Ransik.

Meeting the next five groups of Legendary Past Power Rangers

Meanwhile with the Harmony Force Rangers time traveling with the Past Power Rangers, They've met more of them. They met with the the Crystal Force, Dyna Battalion, Bio Storm, Blitzkrieg Force and Prism Force Rangers.

Robo Knight tries to scan the identity of Miss Do Well/Who is it?

But then back at the Present, Professor Utonium showed the images to Robo Knight so he can scan the identity of Miss Do Well. Then, It stopped at Starlight Glimmer who is Miss Do Well.

Meeting the last five groups of Legendary Past Power Rangers

Back withe Twilight and the others, They've gone back once more and met the Lightning Mask, Animal Brigade, Street Fighter, Supersonic Force and Flight Squad Rangers.

Discovering the Ranger Keys of the Past Power Rangers/Earning New Power

But soon, They've discovered a Map to the Ranger Keys of the Past Power Rangers. When Twilight and her friends found it, They've earned new powers or their Ultimate Battlizers and Fusion Ranger Modes.

Fighting Chameleooze/Teaming up with the Past Legendary Power Rangers

However, They've returned to the Present and encountered Chameleooze. At last, The Harmony Force Rangers are about to team up with the Past Legendary Power Rangers.

Help came from the Present Legendary Power Rangers/Working together as one

Then, Help came from the Present Legendary Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin to Nine Force. Twilight and her friends were amazed to see all Power Rangers together.

Starlight sets things right for her friends/Defeating Chameleooze for good

As the Battle goes on, Starlight has to sets things right for her friends and retrieved the Orb of Time. At last, Starlight defeated Chameleooze with the final strike of her Triple Hope Baton.

The Ultimate Megazord Battle of all/All Power Rangers Unite

Just as Ivan's Ooze Made Chameleooze bigger, Twilight led the other Power Rangers into the Ultimate Megazord Battle of all. At last, They finally defeated Chameleooze.

Starlight apologizes and was forgiven/The Return of Zordon of Eltar

At the Crystal Prep Secret Lab, Starlight apologizes to everyone about how she used the Orb of Time. At last, Everyone forgave her and thanked her for making things right. Just then, A Mysterious Figure appeared in spirit. It was Zordon of Eltar, The heart and soul of the Power Ranger Legacy. They were so glad to see him, He decided to stay and help them.


Harmony Force

Harmony Force Rangers (New Rangers 2)
Color Name
Magic Harmony Force Ranger Twilight Sparkle
Loyalty Harmony Force Ranger Rainbow Dash
Laughter Harmony Force Ranger Pinkie Pie
Generosity Harmony Force Ranger Rarity
Honesty Harmony Force Ranger Applejack
Kindness Harmony Force Ranger Fluttershy
Wisdom Harmony Force Ranger Sunset Shimmer
Honor Harmony Force Ranger Spike
Equality Harmony Force Ranger Starlight Glimmer
Passionate Harmony Force Ranger Mirage

Battle Star Rangers

Six masked rangers
Color Role
Red Battle Star Ranger Victor Lee
Blue Battle Star Ranger Leon Bedford
Yellow Battle Star Ranger Andy Margulies
Pink Battle Star Ranger Janette Kenner
Green Battle Star Ranger Quinton Hawkes
Black Battle Star Ranger Rohan Tolbert
White Battle Star Ranger Debbie Fisher

Trump Squad Rangers

Six jacker rangers
Color Role
Red Spade Ranger Allen "Ace" Bowman
Blue Diamond Ranger Trevor Stanton
Pink Heart Ranger Marisa Trimble
Green Clover Ranger Gabriel Nesmith
Rainbow Ranger Leonard Banba
Gold Star Ranger Hector Caine

World Legion Rangers

Six battle rangers
Color Role
Japan Jack Masao
France Frank Revere
Russia Colin Kozlov
Kenya Keith Jiwawa
United States Alice Waters
England Zach DeLeon
Italy Rick Bianco
Germany Sharon Channing

Electro Force Rangers

Six power rangers
Color Role
Red Randy Garner
Blue Brandon Morrison
Yellow Joan Houston
Green Maxton Fuller
Pink Alicia Blayze
Black Byron Lashley

Solar Force Rangers

Seven Solar Force Rangers
Color Role
Eagle Davis Bowie
Shark Bruno Murphy
Panther Cade Rickman
Lizard Stacey Curtis
Tiger Julia Yeager
Dragon Kareem Hanlon
Bison Ramiro Decker

Crystal Force Rangers

Six super rangers
Color Role
Ruby Taran Barlow
Emerald Roland Anthony
Sapphire Craig Loman
Opal Kayla Hudson
Diamond Jessica Shepard
Jade Matthew Kirkland

Dyna Battalion Rangers

Seven dyan rangers 2
Color Role
Red Axel Hughes
Black Jaleel Webber
Blue Brett Conrad
Yellow Courtney Norris
Pink Sabrina Ferrell
Orange Kenji Kosugi
Green Tobias Burton

Bio Storm Rangers

Eight Bio Rangers
Color Role
Ranger1 Jared Bristow
Ranger2 Sam Tureman
Ranger3 Frank Shaw
Ranger4 June Fletcher
Ranger5 Beverly Linton
Ranger6 Kurt Cobain
Ranger7 Daniel Parker
Ranger8 Stephanie Pottsdam

Blitzkrieg Force Rangers

Seven Blitzkrieg Rangers
Color Role
Dragon Damian Malone
Griffon Gerald Weaver
Pegasus Nathan Stoddard
Mermaid Mary Sanders
Phoenix Penelope Snyder
Sphinx Kylan Danforth
Centaur Jeffrey Griffiths

Prism Force Rangers

Seven sonic rangers
Color Role
Red Aaron Everstar
Green Brad Pitforge
Blue Garrett Solidheart
Yellow Diana Thornehill
Pink Eliza Skyfall
Black Clint Silvermark
Purple Veronica Roseland

Lightning Mask Rangers

Lightning Mask Rangers
Color Role
Red Robert Constable
Black Adrian Dane
Blue Eddie Colmes
Yellow Clara Walton
Pink Lisa Sterns
Green Keanu Byrd
Silver Brent Viday
Purple Maggie Kitt

Animal Brigade Rangers

Nine Animal Brigade Rangers
Color Role
Falcon Patrick Landers
Lion Henry Handover
Dolphin Jennifer Lanstone
Bison Cory Parker
Rhino Todd Parker
Tiger Ian Kelley
Swan Sienna Walters
Eagle Kuban Stroud
Grizzly Austin Ashmond

Turbine Racer Rangers

Ten Turbine Rangers
Color Role
Red Tyson Stevens
Black Kaine Joel
Blue Roy Rogers
Yellow Pam Midler
Pink Janice Skyler
Green Liam Richmond
Purple Alyson Paige
Rocket Paul Gordon
White Barry Kanouse
Cosmic Argon Silvervale

Supersonic Force Rangers

Six geo rangers
Color Role
Red Cody Adkins
Blue Joseph Nixon
Black Myles Douglas
Pink Karla Erickson
Yellow Hannah Sanford
Green Tyrone Colon

Flight Squad Rangers

Flight Squad Rangers
Color Role
Hawk Justin Bolton
Condor Zane Stacks
Owl Bobby Fieldman
Swan Kristen Spade
Swallow Tina Montez
Eagle David Trueheart
Peacock Wilana Mizuno
Phoenix Amuro Cronos
Falcon Jesse Walsh
Vulture Lisa Webber

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

MMPR (3)
Color Role
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger Zack Taylor
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Billy Cranston
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Tomax Oliver

Squadron Rangers

Squadron Rangers (4)
Color Role
Red Squadron Ranger Rocky DeSantos
Green Squadron Ranger Adam Park
Blue Squadron Ranger Android Billy
Yellow Squadron Ranger Aisha Campbell
Pink Squadron Ranger Android Kimberly
Mighty Morphin White Ranger Tommy Oliver

Ninjetti Rangers

Ninjetti Rangers
Color Role
Red Ninjetti Ranger Android Rocky
Black Ninjetti Ranger Android Adam
Blue Ninjetti Ranger Android Billy (2)
Yellow Ninjetti Ranger Android Aisha (2)
Pink Ninjetti Ranger Android Kathrine
White Ninjetti Ranger Android Tommy (1)

Aquitar Rangers

Color Role
Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus
Pink Aquitar Ranger Cestria
Silver Aquitar Ranger Argentius
Green Aquitar Ranger Mako

Zeo Rangers

Zeo Rangers
Color Role
Red Zeo Ranger Android Tommy (2)
Green Zeo Ranger Android Adam (2)
Blue Zeo Ranger Android Rocky (2)
Yellow Zeo Ranger Tanya Sloan
Pink Zeo Ranger Kathrine Hillard
Gold Ranger Trey of Triforia

Turbo Rangers

Turbo Rangers 2
Color Role
Red Turbo Ranger Android T.J.
Blue Turbo Ranger Justin Stewart
Green Turbo Ranger Android Carlos
Yellow Turbo Ranger Android Ashley
Pink Turbo Ranger Android Cassie
Blue Senturion
Phantom Ranger

Space Rangers

Space Rangers 2
Color Role
Red Space Ranger Andros Hammond
Black Space Ranger Carlos Vallerte
Blue Space Ranger T.J. Johnson
Yellow Space Ranger Ashley Hammond
Pink Space Ranger Cassie Chan
Silver Space Ranger Zhane

Galaxy Rangers

Galaxy Rangers 2
Color Name
Galaxy Red Ranger Leo Corbett
Galaxy Green Ranger Damon Henderson
Galaxy Blue Ranger Kai Chen
Galaxy Yellow Ranger Maya
Galaxy Pink Ranger Kendrix Morgan
Magna Defender Mike Corbett

Lightspeed Rangers

Lightspeed Rangers 2



Lightspeed Red Ranger Carter Grayson
Lightspeed Blue Ranger Chad Lee
Lightspeed Green Ranger Joel Rawlings
Lightspeed Yellow Ranger Kelsey Winslow
Lightspeed Pink Ranger Dana Mitchell
Lightspeed Titanium Ranger Ryan Mitchell

Time Force Rangers

Time Force Rangers 2



Time Force Red Ranger Wesley Collins
Time Force Pink Ranger Jennifer Scotts
Time Force Blue Ranger Lucas Kendall
Time Force Yellow Ranger Katie Walker
Time Force Green Ranger Trip Regis
Quantum Ranger Eric Myers

Wild Force Rangers

Wild Force Rangers 2



Wild Force Red Ranger Cole Evans
Wild Force Yellow Ranger Taylor Earhardt
Wild Force Blue Ranger Max Cooper
Wild Force Black Ranger Danny Delgado
Wild Force White Ranger Alyssa Enrilé
Wild Force Lunar Ranger Merrick Baliton

Ninja Rangers

Ninja Rangers 3
Color Role
Red Ninja Storm Ranger Shane Clarke
Blue Ninja Storm Ranger Tori Hanson
Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger Dustin Brooks
Crimson Thunder Ranger Hunter Bradley
Navy Thunder Ranger Blake Bradley
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe
Orange Ninja Storm Ranger Marah
Pink Ninja Storm Ranger Kapri
Black Ninja Storm Ranger Eric McKnight

Dino Rangers

Dino Rangers 2
Color Name
Dino Thunder Red Ranger Conner McKnight
Dino Thunder Blue Ranger Ethan James
Dino Thunder Yellow  Ranger Kira Ford
Dino Thunder Black Ranger Tommy Oliver
Dino Thunder Crimson Ranger Katherine Hillard
Dino Thunder White Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer

S.P.D. Rangers

S.P.D. Rangers
Color Role
S.P.D. Red Ranger Bridge Carson
S.P.D. Blue Ranger Roman Matthews
S.P.D. Green Ranger Clay Benson
S.P.D. Yellow Ranger Elizabeth "Z" Delgado
S.P.D. Pink Ranger Sydney Drew
S.P.D. Shadow Ranger Commander Schuyler Tate
S.P.D. Omega Ranger Sam Thorson
S.P.D. Kat Ranger Kat Manx
S.P.D. Nova Ranger Nova
S.P.D. Orange Ranger Boom
S.P.D. Quantum Ranger Jack Landors
Night Lady Morgana Morgana

Mystic Rangers

Mystic Force Rangers
Color Role
Mystic Force Red Ranger Nick Russell
Mystic Force Yellow Ranger Charlie Thorn
Mystic Force Blue Ranger Madison Rocca
Mystic Force Pink Ranger Vida Rocca
Mystic Force Green Ranger Xander Bly
Mystic Force White Ranger Udonna
Solaris Knight Daggeron
Wolf Warrior Leanbow
Knight Wolf Koragg
Mystic Force Moon Ranger Clare

Overdrive Rangers

Overdrive Rangers
Color Role
Red Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford
Black Overdrive Ranger Will Aston
Blue Overdrive Ranger Dax Lo
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Veronica Robinson
Pink Overdrive Ranger Rose Ortiz
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn Collins
Sentinel Knight

Jungle Fury Rangers

Jungle Fury Rangers-3 (2)
Color Role
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Casey Rhodes
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Theo Martin
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Lily Chilman
Jungle Fury Gold Ranger Justin Stewart
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Robert James (R.J.)
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Dominic Hargan
Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger Zephyr Breeze
Jungle Fury Bat Ranger Sunburst
Jungle Fury Shark Ranger Flash Sentry
Black Lion Warrior Jarrod
Green Chameleon Warrior Camille
White Tiger Warrior Whiger

RPM Rangers

Ranger Operators-02
Color Role
RPM Red Ranger Scott Truman
RPM Blue Ranger Flynn McAllistair
RPM Yellow Ranger Summer Landsdown
RPM Green Ranger Ziggy Grover
RPM Black Ranger Dillon
RPM Orange Ranger Jason Lee Scott
RPM Gold Ranger Gem
RPM Silver Ranger Gemma
RPM Cobalt Ranger Aisha Campbell

Samurai Rangers

Samurai Rangers 2
Color Role
Red Samurai Ranger Jayden Shiba
Blue Samurai Ranger Kevin
Green Samurai Ranger Mike
Yellow Samurai Ranger Emily
Pink Samurai Ranger Mia Watanabe
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia
Red Princess Samurai Ranger Lauren Shiba

Mega Rangers

Mega Rangers 2
Color Role
Super Megaforce Red Ranger Troy Burrows
Super Megaforce Blue Ranger Noah Carver
Super Megaforce Green Ranger Jake Holling
Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger Gia Moran
Super Megaforce Pink Ranger Emma Goodall
Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Orion
Robo Knight

Dino Charge Rangers

Dino Charge Rangers
Color Role
Dino Charge Red Ranger Tyler Navarro
Dino Charge Black Ranger Chase Randall
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda
Dino Charge Green Ranger Riley Griffin
Dino Charge Pink Ranger Shelby Watkins
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar
Dino Charge Aqua Ranger James Navarro
Dino Charge Graphite Ranger Prince Phillip III
Dino Charge Purple Ranger Kendall Morgan
Dino Charge Silver Ranger Zenowing
Dino Charge Talon Ranger Heckyl
Dino Charge Platinum Ranger Matthew Griffin

Ninja Steel Rangers

The Ninja Steel Rangers
Color Role
Ninja Steel Red Ranger Brody Romero
Ninja Steel Blue Ranger Preston Tien
Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger Calvin Maxwell
Ninja Steel White Ranger Hayley Roster
Ninja Steel Pink Ranger Sarah Thompson
Ninja Steel Gold Ranger Aiden Romero
Ninja Steel Gold Red Ranger Dane Romero
Ninja Steel Silver Red Ranger Mick Kanic
Ninja Steel Green Ranger Princess Viera

Energy Chaser Rangers

Eight energy chaser rangers
Color Role
Red Energy Chaser Ranger Ethan Nakamura
Blue Energy Chaser Ranger Max Powell
Yellow Energy Chaser Ranger Zoey Martin
Green Energy Chaser Ranger Roger Johnson
Pink Energy Chaser Ranger Melissa Nakamura
Gold Energy Chaser Ranger Alex
Silver Energy Chaser Ranger Jonathan
Bronze Energy Chaser Ranger Rex

Unofficial Rangers

The unoffical rangers 2
Color Role
Red Unofficial Ranger Kenny
Blue Unofficial Ranger Ellie
Yellow Unofficial Ranger Mandy
Green Unofficial Ranger Jerry
Pink Unofficial Ranger Hilary
King Unofficial Ranger Kyle
Orange Unofficial Ranger John
Purple Unofficial Ranger Rick
White Unofficial Ranger Abby
Black Lady Maridan Maridan Duff

T.Q.G. Rangers

TQG Rangers
Color Role
T.Q.G. Red Ranger Henry Fordham
T.Q.G. Blue Ranger Carlton Armstrong
T.Q.G. Yellow Ranger Rayna Cunningham
T.Q.G. Green Ranger Dexter Holiday
T.Q.G. Pink Ranger Renee Cunningham
T.Q.G. Orange Ranger Donnie Parkinson
T.Q.G. Purple Ranger Conductor Ray Morrison
T.Q.G. Silver Ranger Jerry Martin

Wild Prime Rangers

Wild Prime Rangers
Color Role
Red Eagle Ranger Kai Benson
Blue Shark Ranger Michelle Hara
Yellow Lion Ranger Todd Wright
White Tiger Ranger Alice Fanning
Green Elephant Ranger Alan Bardley
Black Beast Ranger Kelvin Anderson
Orange Bird Ranger Ken Smith
Indigo Condor Ranger Johnson Watterson

Nine Force Rangers

Nine Force Rangers
Color Role
Red Leo Ranger Jordan Watson
Orange Scorpio Ranger Brian Ricardo
Blue Lupus Ranger Tucker Wick
Gold Libra Ranger Tyson Parker
Black Taurus Ranger Melvin Stewart
Silver Ophiuchus Ranger Rex Riley
Green Lizard Ranger Mary Chen Howard
Pink Aquila Ranger Stephanie West
Yellow Dorado Ranger Kenneth Braddock
Purple Dragon Ranger Commander Rickson
Aqua Bear Ranger August Dunst
Quantum Phoenix Ranger Drake Emberhart

Data Squad Rangers

Data Squad Rangers (All Together 11)
Color Name
Red Data Squad Ranger Robbie Diaz
Female Red Data Squad Ranger Robin Diaz
Blue Data Squad Ranger Mordecai
Green Data Squad Ranger Yoshi
Yellow Data Squad Ranger Sunset Shimmer (Future Self)
Pink Data Squad Ranger Amy Rose
Grey Data Squad Ranger Atticus Akito
Purple Data Squad Ranger Zoe Batheart
Heliotrope Data Squad Ranger Starlight Glimmer (Future Self)
Quantum Data Squad Ranger Knuckles the Echidna
Frost Data Squad Ranger Periwinkle
Orange Data Squad Ranger Sticks the Badger
White Data Squad Ranger Xion
Black Data Squad Ranger Emerl
Female Black Data Squad Ranger Sue Morris
Aqua Data Squad Ranger Penny
Gold Data Squad Ranger Sonic the Hedgehog
Silver Data Squad Ranger Sora
Bronze Data Squad Ranger Rigby
Lavender Data Squad Ranger Alice Diaz
Crimson Data Squad Ranger Karone Hammond
Diamond Data Squad Ranger Lucina
Pearl Data Squad Ranger Serena
Turquoise Data Squad Ranger Princess Marina
Indigo Data Squad Ranger Princess Kelly
Titanium Data Squad Ranger Marty McFly
Talon Data Squad Ranger Shadow the Hedgehog
Spring Data Squad Ranger Cindy Vortex
Onyx Data Squad Ranger Android 17
Navy Data Squad Ranger Android 18
Cyan Data Squad Ranger Trixie (Future Self)
Lime Data Squad Ranger Manic the Hedgehog
Magenta Data Squad Ranger Sonia the Hedgehog
Vermilion Data Squad Ranger Slider
Sun Data Squad Ranger Coloratura (Future Self)
Platinum Data Squad Ranger Gmerl

Harmony Squad Rangers

Harmony Squad Rangers
Color Name
Magic Data Squad Ranger Twilight Sparkle (Future Self)
Loyalty Data Squad Ranger Rainbow Dash (Future Self)
Laughter Data Squad Ranger Pinkie Pie (Future Self)
Generosity Data Squad Ranger Rarity (Future Self)
Honesty Data Squad Ranger Applejack (Future Self)
Kindness Data Squad Ranger Fluttershy (Future Self)
Jade Data Squad Ranger Spike (Future Self)
Persian Data Squad Ranger Maud Pie (Future Self)

Cutie Mark Rangers

Cutie Mark Rangers
Color Name
Cream Data Squad Ranger Apple Bloom (Future Self)
Pale Data Squad Ranger Sweetie Belle (Future Self)
Citrus Data Squad Ranger Scootaloo (Future Self)
Tan Data Squad Ranger Babs Seed (Future Self)
Candy Data Squad Ranger Diamond Tiara (Future Self)
Ultramarine Data Squad Ranger Silver Spoon (Future Self)

Extra Rangers and Megaforce Cubs

Extra Rangers and Megaforce Cubs
Color Name
Sol Data Squad Ranger Blaze the Cat
Emerald Data Squad Ranger Silver the Hedgehog
Seed Data Squad Ranger Cosmo the Seedrian
Azure Data Squad Ranger Philmac
Rose Data Squad Ranger Stephanie
Topaz Data Squad Ranger Riku
Heart Data Squad Ranger Kairi
Robo Ruby
Robo Sapphire


  • Ransik
  • Villamax
  • Diabolico
  • Zen-Aku
  • Itassis
  • Deker
  • Dulcea
  • Ecliptor
  • Florida
  • Principal Celestia
  • Vice Principal Luna
  • Shining Armor
  • Dean Cadance
  • The Wind Sisters
  • Professor Utonium
  • Ms. Sara Bellum
  • Zordon


  • Nadira
  • Kegler
  • Loki
  • Jindrax and Toxica
  • Matoombo
  • Norg
  • Dahlia
  • Jankenman
  • Aikko
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Bunny, Bell, Bullet, Bloom, Bolt, Breezie, Berry, Barasia and Burpy
  • The Rowdyruff Boys: Brick, Boomer, Butch, Bull, Blitz, Barrel, Blaze, Blaster, Bliss, Buzzie, Blanc and Bill
  • Bura and Noppo
  • Ken Utonium
  • The Mayor of Townsville
  • Ms. Keane
  • The Gangreen Gang
  • The Talking Dog


  • Flurry Heart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shy
  • Trixie
  • Spike
  • Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo
  • Babs Seed
  • Diamond Tiara
  • Silver Spoon
  • Sour Sweet
  • Sunny Flare
  • Sugarcoat
  • Lemon Zest
  • Indigo Zap
  • Spearhead
  • Thunderlane
  • Caramel
  • Dr. Hooves
  • Filthy Rich
  • Spoiled Rich
  • Mrs. Cup Cake and Mr. Carrot Cake
  • Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake
  • Mille
  • Cream Puff
  • Coloratuara
  • Nyx
  • Danny Williams
  • Twilight Velvet and Night Light
  • Minty
  • Derpy
  • Toola Roola
  • DJ Pon-3
  • Cherry Berry
  • Star Song
  • Zecora
  • Sprinkle Medley
  • Lyra Heartstrings
  • Moon Dancer
  • Snowdrop
  • Flower Wishes
  • Wysteria
  • Maud Pie
  • Golden Harvest
  • Cotton Candy
  • Cheerilee
  • Big McIntosh
  • Granny Smith
  • Gloriosa Daisy
  • Timber Spruce


  • Ivan Ooze
  • Principal Cinch
  • Leia
  • Mondo the Magician
  • Pandora the Witch
  • Minus the Wizard
  • The Night Wind
  • Masked Osodashi
  • Professor Dick
  • Dark Jankenman
  • Onikage
  • The Org Generals: Retinax, Nayzor and Mandilok
  • Carnisoar
  • Jellica
  • Grizzaka
  • The Five Fingers of Poison: Naja, Rantipede, Gakko, Stingerella and Toady
  • Scorch
  • Snapper
  • Prince Olympius
  • Vypra
  • Jinxer
  • Quarganon
  • Kamdor
  • The Fear Cats: Cheetar, Mig, Benglo and Crazar
  • Prince Vrak
  • Prince Vekar
  • Admiral Malkor
  • Creepox
  • Bigs
  • Bluefur
  • Levira
  • Damaras
  • Argus
  • Redker
  • Goldar
  • Scorpina
  • Finster
  • Baboo
  • Squatt
  • Mordant
  • Rito Revolto
  • Zeltrax
  • Sledge
  • Fury
  • Wrench
  • Poisandra
  • Curio
  • Singe
  • Snide
  • Doomwing
  • Furio
  • Treacheron
  • Deviot
  • Barbarax
  • Hexuba
  • Triskull
  • Morticon
  • Imperious
  • The Barbarian Beasts: Warmax, Shrieker, 50 Below and Fightoe
  • The Eight Terrors: Magma, Oculous, Serpentina, Megahorn, Hekatoid, Gekkor, Black Lance and Sculpin
  • Queen Machina
  • Prince Sprocket
  • Klank & Orbus
  • Louie Kaboom
  • Prince Gasket
  • Princess Archerina
  • The Machine Empire Generals: Venjix, Gerrok, Tezzla, Automon and Steelon
  • Darkonda
  • Serrator
  • Octoroo
  • Zurgane
  • Choobo
  • Motodrone
  • Shimazu
  • Vexacus
  • Ripcon
  • Cosmo Royale
  • Madame Odius
  • Frax
  • Gluto
  • Broodwing
  • General Havoc
  • Elgar
  • Rygog
  • Porto
  • General Crunch
  • General Shifter
  • Kilobyte
  • Professor Cog


  • The Harmony Force Rangers meets the Past Power Rangers from Battle Star to Flight Squad Rangers from the first time.
  • The Harmony Force Rangers had their Fusion Past Ranger Modes for the very first time.
  • Zordon will return at the end of this episode as a spirit with a full body.