This is how The Pincer Test goes in The Revenge of Evil Juniper Montage.

[Trixie groans]

[Trixie is sitting in a chair with her front hooves strapped to the arms of a column by metal latches. Trixie gasps]

Trixie Lulamoon: What happened?

[She looks around]

[Trixie struggles to get her front hooves free but can't]

[The pincer appears and starts to move toward Trixie as it shines a light in her face. Trixie looks on in horror]

Trixie Lulamoon: [in fear] This can't be happening.

[The pincer moves closer]

Trixie Lulamoon: [in fear] No!

[The pincer pulls Trixie's spirit from her body as Trixie groans and Trixie's eyes close and her body goes limb as her head goes down]

[The pincer takes Trixie's spirit to a vat as Trixie's spirit looks at her lifeless body]

Trixie Lulamoon's spirit: [gasps] Hey, put me down.

[It doesn't listen]

Trixie Lulamoon's spirit: That is so unfair. [looks at her hair] And it's messing up my hair.

[Evil Juniper Montage grins]

[The pincer brings Trixie's spirit to the vat and Trixie's spirit looks on in horror]

Trixie Lulamoon's spirit: No, please, no.

[The pincer drops Trixie's spirit into the vat]

[One of Evil Juniper Montage's creature minions jumps out of a box and lands near Trixie's body and puts her head up and opens her mouth and chuckles evilly and puts its index finger under Trixie's chin as Trixie's body moves up and the creature's right arm begins to evaporate and eventually turns into a stream of mist that enters Trixie's mouth and the creature growls as it enters Trixie's mouth to corrupt her and Trixie's body moves and twitches and her front hooves move as the creature enters her mouth and takes over her body. The end of the mist enters Trixie's mouth and Trixie is possessed]

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