This is where the Planet Trains land and our heroes meet them for the first time in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle vs. The Mummy.

[as everyone sets up camp the team notice Stuingtion's engines are looking in the sky, as if they are looking for something in the sky]

Thomas: What are they doing?

Spike: Beats me.

[the team head up to Stuingtion's engines]

James: What's up?

Hugs: What?

Applejack: Why in tarnation are y'all lookin' in the sky?

J.J.: We're waiting for someone.

Willy: [checks his watch] Where are they? They should've been here by now!

Cadance: Who's "They"?

Mako: Some old friends.

Gordon: What old friends? I don't see anyone.

[then a woosh is heard]

Twilight: Huh?

Steam Driller: Here they come now!

[We see a ship heading for them]

Rarity: It.. It's a spaceship!!

[the ship is getting closer]

Twilight: What's going on?

[the ships gets even closer and then hovers above the ground and slowly lowers to the ground]

Luke: Wow.

[then a door at the bottom of the ship opens up]

[the team is in awe as a platform comes down as fog blows out]

[as the fogs continues blowing out, 8 odd-looking trains come out]

Edward: Bistering boilers! In all my long years, I've never seen engines like them before.

A yellow, engine with big wheels with robotic eyes: Hello!

Pinkie: ALEINS!!!!! [hops into Edward's tender]

Blue engine with magnet crane: What's up with her?

Sharky: Don't mind her, she's not all too bright.

Steamy: Besides, they ain't aliens.

Shining Armor: They don't look like aliens, they look like regular engines to me.

Orange and brown engine with one big wheel: We're actually called, "Planet Trains."

Thomas: "Planet trains"?

Engine with rings all around him: We're called that because we're from the other 8 planets.

Twilight: You're from the other 8 planets?!

Big blue engine: Sure are.

Hiro: What are names?

Rarity: And which planet are you all from?

Zip: Zip from Mercury! Here and ready!

Dazzlen: Dazzlen, from the Planet Venus. Fired up [flames flash from his exhast pipes] and ready for action.

Dusten: Dusten's the name, Mars is the Planet.

Gustis: Gustis, from Jupiter [short curcuits] Weather forcast for today, a huge meteor shower and a tempreture of 32 degrees celseus, so you better stay inside! [short curcuits] Sorry.

Rings: Rings, from the planet Saturn.

Uray: Uray, from the planet Uranus. Always ready with my magnet.

Tune: Tune, from planet Neptune. Ever flowing and at your service. And last, but not least.

Shiver: Shiver, from the planet Pluto.

Twilight: But Pluto's not a planet.

Shiver: Hey! My home is so a real planet!

Uray: Don't ever say that, he gets offened if someone does.

Twilight: Sorry.

Shiver: Aw, it's fine.

Rainbow: So, how are you guys different from trains on earth?

Gustis: Well, each one of us has qualitlies that help us on our home planet.

Twilight: Like?

Zip: I have those huge wheels so I can get around fast!

Dazzlen: I can control fire, and i have a lot of headlights [turns on all headlights] So I can see in the dark sky, my weapons even use products from my planet.

James: Really?

Dazzlen: Yeah, I have powerful flame thrower and a cannon that fires sulfuric acid.


Dazzlen: Yep.

Dusten: And I'm really dusty because I do a lot of work on my planet.

Gustis: I'm one of the smartest ones f this group and this big wheel helps me move around, because Jupiter's gravity is very strong, so I need all the power I can get to move around.

Ring: Those ring represent the rings of my home planet, and I can control many things with them.

Uray: I have this super powerful electro magnet.

Rusty: What's your main source of electricity?

Uray: I used to use subtances on my planet, but now I use Uranium rods.

Applejack: Hold on, y'all mean ta' tell us that yer' nuclear powered?!

Uray: Yes.

Henry: How long can you run without refueling?

Uray: Roughly, 1 rod keeps running for 20 Earth months.

CMC: Whoa.

Tune: Neat, huh?

Scootaloo: It's not neat. It's incredible!

Uray: Thank you.

Tune: As you can see, I truley am ever flowing.

Rainbow: Prove it.

Tune: [turns to his side, reveal his boiler is transparent]

Rainbow: Wow!

Tune: I was hoping you would say that.

Twilight: Even your fuel's water based.

Tune: That's right. You see, most our my planet's fossil fuels have liquid based qualities.

Duncan: How intresting.

Sweeite Belle: So, Shiver. What's Pluto really like?

Shiver: it's very cold and dark. And it can snow for years! I'm lucky to have a buring fire to keep me warm.

Rarity: Does that also include those rather dashing earmuffs and adorible crimson. red scarf?

Shiver: Yes.

Apple Bloom: But it's not cold on earth, why don't ya' take them off?

Shiver: True, it's not cold on earth, but I've worn those for so long, I've just gotten used to wearing them.

Apple Bloom: Oh.

Peter Sam: I like your spaceship.

Uray: Thanks, but it's actually, a Turbo shuttle.

Shining Armor: "Turbo shuttle"?

Dusten: it's a mixture of a space shutte and rocket. This thing is one of our fastest ships ever.

Gustis: It can ever reach the speed of Warp 10.

Rainbow: Oh, awesome!

Stephen: How old are you guys?

Dusten: We are 40 years old in average.

Toby: 40 years? You guys don't look that age.

Uray: Well 40 years roughly on our home planets, but in Earth years, 250.

Rarity: 250?!

Gustis: Actually, 250, trillion.

Everyone: TRILLION?!

Stephen: That's even older than me!

Twilight: And Princess Celestia and Princess Luna too!

Tune: Sure is.

Twilight: [as Mikela] Why are you here?

Dusten: We've come to catch up with our friends and to finally meet you guys in person.

Thomas: It's nice to meet you.

Rings: Thanks. 

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