The Pony-Mummy is the upcoming movie of Weekenders and friends' Amazing Explorations.


After The Cutie Mark Crusaders got their cutie marks, they explore all around Canterlot, when they seek an ancient tomb. They read the spell releasing a mummified pony, Cantirek, an evil pony to rule Canterlot, liked he tried 3,000 years ago.


The Story of Cantirek

3,000 years ago, Canterlot was a peaceful kingdom. Flare Moon, a wisely king, was in his throne, with his grand adviser, Cantirek. In his sorcery room, the adviser's love interest Jackie-su-Mamun. But one day of the celebration of the king's feast, Cantirek betrayed King Flare Moon as he tries to kill him, but he escapes in failure. And then Jackie su-Mamun kills herself for him to live. As Cantirek tries to resurrect his true love, King Flare's guards catches him and his priests, and punished to be mummified alive. And the guards cuts out Cantirek's tongue, wraps him up, and but him in a tomb, as the guard pours the bugs on him, as another guard closes the tomb and locks it. And the warning came from King Flare Moon says "Never open this tomb, if anyone does, great disaster will doom all of Equestria."

Back in the Present Day

In the present day,


  • This movie is based off of "The Mummy"



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