The Pony-Mummy Returns is the upcoming movie of Weekenders and friends' Amazing Explorations. And it's sequel to The Pony-Mummy.


After the events of The Pony-Mummy, the heroes enjoy the spa of the Kingdom of Jewels. When Cantirek return from the dead, and seeks the Alicorn King's tomb, and get control of Equestria. Can Tino and his friends stop Cantirek and the Alicorn King in time?


The Story of the Alicorn King

In Canterlot, an evil alicorn called, the Alicorn King leads his army on a campaign to conquer the world. They are defeated while attacking Appleloosa and exiled to the desert of Equestria; his men die of heat exhaustion. After vowing to give Knubis his soul for the power to defeat his enemies, an oasis forms to hide the Alicorn King's pyramid and he is given a legion of jackal warriors in Knubis' image. The Army of Knubis sweeps across Egypt, but once their task is finished, Anubis claims the Alicorn King's soul and his army.

Twilight vs The Alicorn King/The Alicorn King's death


  • This movie is based off of "The Mummy Returns"



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