Here is how Wallace turned into a Were-Rabbit in Werewolf vs Werecat Part 2.

Meanwhile, With Yuna and the others.

Lawrence Talbot: Thank you for coming in such short notice, Wallace.

Wallace: Glad to be here, Lawrence.

Tigatron: What's your plan now, Princess Yuna?

Princess Yuna: We have to stop Simone, Lena and Jacques from harming the others.

Princess Skyla: (looking at Serums) Look at all those Serums.

Lawrence Talbot: I've been researching how Were-Monsters were created and I've been saving them for a reason.

9: It's no wonder.

Wallace: Oh, This looks good to drink.

Lawrence Talbot: No, Wallace! Don't drink it!

Wallace: (drunks the serum) What a great flavor of tea. (turns into a Were-Rabbit) WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!

Princess Yuna: Wallace! Remember us!

Wallace: (as Were-Rabbit) Huh? AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (runs away)

Thunder Spectrum: Wallace!

Nyx: Come back!!!

Lawrence Talbot: He took the serum of the Were-Rabbit.

Princess Yuna: We gotta find him and help him.

Lawrence Talbot: Yuna, Take this antidote, It will cure Wallace.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Come on, Nyx, Let's go!

Nyx: I'm with you, Yuna!

Brownie: Talk about Lycan the difference.

Everyone: Brownie!

Brownie: Sorry.

Golden Apple: There's no time for puds, We have to go help our friends and family.

Buzz Lightyear: Right, Golden Apple! Let's Move!

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