(Cut to The Loud House, where a power outage has just hit the neighborhood)


Lincoln (narrating): In a house with ten sisters, power outages are like the end of the world.

Luna: AW Dudes, I can't JAM!

Lincoln: Let's me tell the tale of the Uncharted Map...

Lola: IS this another Pooh story?

Lana: I like those, because THEY are so awesome!

Lola: Remember when the Adventure Team were about to be turned into killer frogs?

Lincoln:Yeah, so, let's start before the power kicks back on...

(Theme starts)

(Open with the silhouettes of the Adventure Team quickly appearing on screen, before the headlights of the Adventure Jet transition to an stormy night, as the team is trying to outfly the Sky Tiger)

Never gets a chance to-- They're searching for the talisman, & racin' down the Dark Hand. They'll win with just their hands. Yeah, you know the team's got a plan. They never can be beat always landing on their feet. Protecting Christopher Robin and Darby from Shadowkhan and deadbeats. Yet they would rather laugh than fight. It's wrong or right? You gotta like them! POOH'S ADVENTURES!! Where's the talis-man? You got to find it now You always do somehow! (Go-GO!)

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