Here is what happens next in the Present year in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

(3000 years pass and we now see Yuna, Snowdrop, Nyx, and Skyla are exploring in a forest)

Yuna: What to do. What to do.

Skyla: Where do we go from here?

Nyx: I'm not sure. Yuna, are you sure you know the way?

Yuna: Yes.

Snowdrop: I hope so.

Nyx: [see something ahead] Hey! What's that over there?

Yuna: What's what?

[Nyx goes towards it to get a better look]

Skyla: Nyx? Nyx! Hey, wait up!

[they come up to what looks like an old passage way.]

Skyla: What is it?

Yuna: Some kind of a passage way of some sort.

Nyx: Look at these stones, they look like they're 2000 years old!

Skyla: [sees something far away at the other end] Hey, there's something at the other end!

Yuna: Skyla, Wait up.

[The foals run after her]

Skyla: Look at that!

Yuna: It's a town of some sort.

Nyx: So impressive.

Snowdrop: If only I could see it now.

[they there was a strange noise]

Snowdrop: What was that?

Nyx: I don't know.

Yuna: Stay here, I'll check it out.

[Yuna then follows the sound and and then she notices a broken tree and skids marks]

Yuna: What in the?

[She then looks over a small hill and it was Night Fury!]

Yuna: [gasps] [she looks back up and sees the Night Fury is trapped in a net.] Oh my. [she then bravely goes up closer to it (with a small knife in hold)] Holy Moonshine, it's a Night fury. A real, live Night Fury! [steps on it but the Night Fury nudges her away] Whoa!

Night fury: [breaths as it looks at Yuna] 

Yuna: [looks at the dragon for a moment but then holds her knife in a stabbing fashion] I'm going to kill you, dragon. I'm gonna cut out your heart and take it to my mama. I'm a princess. I'm a PRINCESS!! [she then holds up her knife again] 

[But Yuna sees fear in the dragon's eyes but she still holds up her knife]

Yuna: [then tries to kill it but can't find the heart to do it] I can't do. [looks at the dragon] Poor dragon, I can't believe someone could be so cruel to it.

[The Night Fury opens his eyes to the sound of cutting]

[Yuna begins cutting the ropes that bind the Night Fury.]

Yuna: You're free!

[the Night Fury pounces on her and pins her on a rock]

[the situation is now reversed: Yuna is clearly afraid and the dragon stares intently into her eyes for several moments.]

[the dragon then rears it's head back as Yuna prepares for the worst.]

Yuna: Oh man, here it comes.

[But instead of killing her, the dragon licks her. And then takes off]

Yuna: [breaths heavily and then turns to walk away but drops her knife and then faints]

[a little later, the others have come to Yuna.]

Skyla: Is she dead?

Nyx: No.

Yuna: [wakes up]

Nyx: Yuna? Yuna, you alright?

Yuna: Yeah, I'm just fine.

Skyla: Thank goodness.

Nyx: Let's check out that town.

Yuna: Great idea.

[they go back to the passage and go down it]

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