The Prince-0

The Seal Prince is a monstrous elephant seal who was the main villain from the seal version of the Shakespeare play "Romeo and Juliet" called "Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss", and any crossovers of it. He planned to marry a Capulet seal named Juliet simply out of the fact of an arranged marriage by him and her Father (who is never named), but quickly became jealous of Romeo, a male seal of a rival seal group called the Montegues. After another interfearence, the Prince banished Romieo to shark Island. After Romeo returned and thought Juliet was dead, he kissed her, and was affected by the false death magic. Then when it wore off by the raising sun, Juliet and Romeo finally reunited before the Prince tried to intervine, but a little fish stopped him by introducing a female Elephant seal (oddly resembleing a male, cause females in real life don't have the trademark nose) as the Prince admittedly went to the new female, It caused him to reform.


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