Minnie: Hey, guys. Look over there.

(The princesses appear)

Pooh: It's Odette.

Eeyore: And Tiana. And I am kind of glad.

Yogi: And our friend, Aurora.

Boo Boo: And Mulan.

Piglet: And Snow White.

Tigger: And Ariel.

Odette: Hello, Pooh. I am happy to see you.

Pooh: I am glad to see you.

Odette: Hello, Yogi. Hello, Danny. Hello, Brer Rabbit. Hello, Mickey.

Yogi: Hello, Odette.

Danny: Hello, Odette.

Mickey: Hiya, Odette.

Snow White: Hello, Pooh, Hello, Yogi. Hello, Danny. Hello, Mickey.

Pooh: Hello, Snow White.

Yogi: Hello.

Danny: Hello.

Mickey: I am so glad to see you again, Snow White.

Tiana: Hello, Pooh bear. Hello, Yogi. Hello, Danny. Hello, Brer Rabbit.

Pooh: Hello, Tiana.

Yogi: So glad to see you, Tiana.

Danny: Hi there, Tiana.

Brer Rabbit: Hello, Tiana.

Aurora: Hello, Pooh. Hello, Yogi. Hello, Danny. Hello, Brer Rabbit.

Pooh: Long time, no see, Aurora.

Danny: Sawyer and I missed you, Aurora.

Aurora: I missed you too.

Yogi: It's been a long time since we took care of you, Aurora.

Aurora: It's been a long time since I met you.

Brer Rabbit: Uh, hello.

Ariel: Hi, Pooh bear. Hi, Yogi. Hi, Danny. Hi, Mickey.

Pooh: Hi, Ariel.

Yogi: Cindy, Boo Boo and I missed you.

Ariel: It's great to see you again, Yogi.

Danny: Sawyer and I are happy to see you again, Ariel.

Cindy: Wow. You're Aurora and Mulan? Yogi and Boo Boo told me about you. My name is Cindy.

Aurora: Pleased to meet you, Cindy.

Mary Poppins: You know those princesses?

Pooh: Oh, yes, we met Ariel at the middle of the ocean.

Rabbit: We met Mulan in China.

Eeyore: We helped the tree good fairies to take care of Aurora when we were the peasants.

Piglet: We met Snow White at the queen's castle before we helped her to the place to sleep until we found the dwarfs' cottage.

Tigger: We met Tiana in New Orleans.

Pooh: We met Odette in her kingdom.

Yogi: We did the same things.

Danny: And we did too.

Mickey: I did too.

Brer Rabbit: I met Odette and Tiana three.

Sherman: Wow. You are the beautiful princesses I've ever saw.

Odette: Oh, what a darling.

Ariel: We haven't seen your other friends before. Who are they?

Peabody: My name is Mr. Peabody.

Sherman: My name is Sherman.

Hunter: We are the Road Rovers. I'm Hunter.

Colleen: I'm Colleen.

Exile: My name's Exile.

Blitz: I am Blitz.

Hunter: And this is Shag.

Mary Poppins: My name is Mary Poppins.

Stitch: My name Stitch.

Ratty: I'm Mr. Rat and this is Mr. Mole.

Benjamin: I'm Benjamin.

Mickey: This is my girlfriend, Minnie.

Pooh: And this is Bongo, Lulubelle and Elliot.

Odette: It's nice to meet you.

(Pluto sees Dinah coming)

(Dinah appears)

(Pluto smiles)

(Dinah kisses his nose with her nose)

Mickey: (smiles) Wow. So that's who she is.

Tigger: Well, I'll be--

Pooh: Oh, my goodness.

Minnie: Looks like Pluto's in love.

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