The Prodigal Son's Return is the premiere of the third season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


With Bowser returning from his imprisonment, The Harmony Force Rangers and the Justice Squad are up for the ultimate challenge. But with a help with some new friends, They must save the world from him.


Alex Xanatos returned home with some friends/Reuniting with his parents an old friends

One night at Manhattan, A man named Alexander Fox Xanatos returned home from his journey of Avalon along with some friends of his, John Smith, Cassim, Moana Waialiki, Maui, Moana's pig, Pua, And her chicken, Heihei. Soon, They've met with the Manhattan Clan, Goliath, Hudson, Elisa Maza, Angela, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington and Bronx. Then, Alex met with Owen Burnett who escorted him to see his parents, David Xanatos and Fox. Earlier ago, Alex was given the Grimorum Arcanorum, the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate by Goliath to keep it in good hands and use it's magic for good.

Day at the Park with Unico and his friends/The 20 Sprixie Princesses came to the Earth

Then, It was a beautiful day at the park. As Unico and his friends played together, The 20 Sprixie Princesses came to the Earth with some terrible news about something evil.

Telling the Wind Sisters to take Mario and his friends from the Mushroom Kingdom

Meanwhile at the Sprixie Kingdom, Venus, Argus, The Gods and the Sprixies sends the Wind Sisters to bring the Mario Brothers and their friends from the Mushroom Kingdom for their help against the evil threat.

Bowser and his family returned/Beginning an evil plan to rule the Earth

Suddenly, Bowser and his family: his wife, Mistress 9 and their son, Bowser Jr. and his siblings the Koopalings begins to make way for their evil plan to rule the earth in their own grasp as they send their Koopa Minions to invade it. And also The Night Wind and the Fearsome Crooks came to join Bowser's alliance too.

Meeting Mario and his friends/Twilight and his friends met with Alex

Meanwhile with Twilight and her friends, They met with some new friends, Mario, his girlfriend, Princess Peach, Rosalina, Mario's brother, Luigi, his girlfriend, Princess Daisy, Pauline, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Birdo, Nabbit, Professor E. Gadd, Stanley the Bugman, Toad, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, Candy Kong, Chunky Kong, Kiddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong, Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong's Son, Donkey Kong Jr., Perry the Parasol, Patty the Parasol, Starlow, Princess Shelly, Princess Amanda, Princess Clover, Princess Citrus, Luma, Geno, Mallow, Toadette, Toadsworth and Toad Mary. Just then, They've met with Alex Xanatos who invited them to his home.

David Xanatos' proposition/Demona and MacBeth came to aid them

Then, David Xanatos offered Twilight and her friends a proposition for them. Just as they excepted it, Demona and MacBeth came to help them with their battle against Bowser and his evil army.

Warning Ransik about Bowser/Dingo and Matrix arrived

However, Twilight and her friends warned Ransik about Bowser's return. Then, Dingo and Matrix arrived to help them against Bowser and his evil army.

Gathering of the monsters from the Power Ranger History/Only eleven traitors

Then, Bowser has gathered all the monsters from the Power Ranger History for his attempt to conquer Earth. But then, Mr. Ticklesneezer, Fang, Waspicable, Destructoid, Loyax, Dash, Notacon, T-Top, Katana, Scrapper and Half-Bake were the only ones who refuse to work for him. So, The other Koopa Minions captured them and keep them prisoners.

Meeting Alex's friends from his journey/Telling his story about his time

Just as Twilight and her friends got aquatinted with Alex, They met with John Smith, Cassim, Moana, Maui, Pua and Heihei. Then, Alex told them his story after his graduation from the university.

Showing the history of the Legendary Power Ranger Legacy/Making new friends

Later then, Ransik showed Alex, Mario and their friends the history of the Legendary Power Ranger Legacy from Mighty Morphin to Wild Force. Twilight and her friends were glad to make new ones.

Making plans for Bowser and his evil forces/Combining each other's knowledge

At the Crystal Prep Secret Lab, They make plans to stop Bowser before he rules the universe. So, Twilight, Darkwing Duck, Alex and Goliath agreed to combined each other's knowledge for it to work.

Bowser sends one Koopa for the job/Attacking the city

Back at Bowser's Castle, He begins his evil plan to conquer the Earth by sending a Koopa called "Koopa Commander" to lead the Koopa Minions to battle as they attack the city.

The Harmony Force Rangers and the Justice Squad fight/The Manhattan Clan came to help

At last, The Harmony Force Rangers and the Justice Squad begin their fight with Koopa Commander. Just as they fought a hard battle, The Manhattan Clan came to the rescue.

Rescue the twelve reformed monsters/Joining Ransik's redeemed alliance

Just as Leia spotted Mr. Ticklesneezer, Fang, Waspicable, Destructoid, Loyax, Dash, Notacon, T-Top, Katana, Scrapper, Fridgia and Half-Bake in trouble, She rescued them and offered to join Ransik's redeemed alliance.

Returning to the castle at Sunrise/Seeing the Gargoyles again another night

Just as everyone regrouped at the castle, The sun rose as the Gargoyles including Demona turned into stone. Then, Elisa showed up reminding Twilight and her friends they'll see them again another night.

Unico summons the Power Up items for Mario and his friends/Stronger then ever

Soon, Unico summoned some Power Up items for Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, Toadsworth, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Birdo and the others in order to help their new friends fight.

Vice Principal meets John Smith/Getting well aquatinted with each other

Just as Vice Principal Luna arrived at Canterlot High, He bumped right into John Smith. Just as John helped her up, She notice how very passionate he was as they got well aquatinted.

The Harmony Force Rangers and allies begin the fight/The Solar Eclipse Spell

Just as Koopa Commander returned, The Harmony Force Rangers and their allies continued their battle. Then, Alex brought out the Grimorum Arcanorum, the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate as cast his own Solar Eclipse Spell to reawaken the Gargoyles which only last thirty minutes.

Taking down an evil Koopa/Mistress Nine's spell made it bigger

Just as the Manhattan Clan came, They finally took down Koopa Commander. But the battle wasn't over yet, Mistress Nine cast a spell that made Koopa Commander bigger and stronger as ever.

Defeating the evil Koopa/Only the beginning of Bowser's reign/A Great celebration

Finally, The Elemental Ultrazord finished off Koopa Commander. Just before the Eclipse was over, Goliath warned Twilight that it's only the beginning of Bowser's reign. Later that night, David Xanatos opened a banquet to celebrate the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and all of her friends.


  • The Wind Sisters will take Mario Brothers and their friends from the Mushroom Kingdom to the Sunny Bell and Canterlot. Same as Unico is taken by West Wind for his journey.
  • Cheryl will read her favorite picture book of Mushroom Kingdom, the power ups and including Mario and his friends.


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