Here is how Yuna and her friends return in Princess Yuna's Adventure Begins.

Later, Yuna and her friends returned home to Canterlot.

Princess Yuna: Mama! Papa!

Snowdrop: Luna! Hiro!

Princess Luna: Yuna! Snowdrop! My darlings! (hugged her daughters)

Hiro: We've missed you!

Princess Sharon: Celestia!

Princess Celestia: Sharon! (hugged her daughter) I've missed you!

Princess Skyla: Mommy! Daddy!

Armor Bride: We're home!

Sweetie Heart: We're back!

Scander: Mom! Dad!

Britney Sweet: We made it back!

Princess Cadance: My fillies!

Shining Armor: We thought you girls would never make it home!

The foals are back with their parents.

Rainbow Chakra: Mommy! Daddy!

Tree Hugger: Rainbow Charka!

Psyche Dil: Great to see you again, Sweetie!

Princess Luna: We're so proud of you, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Mama!

Thomas: You kept your friends going and you never gave up!

Percy: You were so brave and loyal!

James: And you never abandoned your friends!

Thomas: Well done!

Twilight Sparkle: Princess Yuna, You did great saving Equestria and all the other worlds.

Trixie: And for that, We'd like to make you our personal protégé.

Sunset Shimmer: You've earned it.

Princess Yuna: (smiles) I guess I deserve to make a difference after all.

                                                                                  The End

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