Here's how the quest begins in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[Patchy reappears]

Patchy: Well, bad news, kids. Encino's still lost. [The radio starts playing] Oh! But, at least I got me radio fixed! [Patchy snaps his fingers while listening to it, then, it explodes] Well, enjoy the rest of the show. [cuts back to the film]

[we now see a whole convoy of vehicles on the begining of the roadway]

Flareon: [lights a candle and puts it on a soilder helment]

Ernie: A few hours ago, we had the finest very brave men and woman, but now [sighs] Let them rest in peace. Amen.

Everyone: Amen.

Ernie: Looks like our only chance for survival rest with you Celestia and Luna. You and that little book.

General Dedrich: Alright, Let's get movin'!

Brian: And make sure we have enough food and water!

[everyone starts up different truck and vehicles]

Ernie: You know how these work, Princess?

Princess Celstia: Well we do, but..

Princess Luna: We're a little rusty.

Ernie: Like what kind?

Princess Celestia: We haven't driven these kind of vehicles in a long time.

Brock: Maybe you 2 should lead the way, since you 2 have the journel.

Princess Luna: Sounds like a plan.

[But unfortuntly they don't know how]

Morley: [blows his whilest in anger]

[Then Henry pulls them and the journey begins]

[they drives up and down hill and then they lower the vehicles into a lower part of the old road then they come up 2 a fork in the road.]

[They took the left road then came a giant worm!]

Princess Luna: Uh sorry, other road.

[everyone looks at the 2 with disapproving faces]

[the convoy continues on as mysterious figures run past]

Brian: [drinks something]

Mory: You didn't just drink that, did you Herr' Griffn?

Brian: Yeah, why?

Mory: That's not good, that is nitro glycerin Herr Brian

Brian: [holds hand over his throat as he gags]

Mory: Don not move, breath or do anything. Well, cept pray.

Morley: KABAM!!

Brain: LAH!!

Mory and Morley: [laugh]

Brian: Morons.

[They continue the road]

[soon they make camp as the Princesses study more about the journal]

[the convoy continues down the road and then we fade into the next scene with a giant pillar]

Twilight: Look at this, this must've taken years to carve this thing.

Mucker: [pulls Twilight aside and then blasts the base of the pillar making it turn into a bridge] Look, I made a bridge. 10 seconds flat.

[as the convoy crosses the mysterious figures appear as one watches the group]

[the vehicles now drive through a snowy portion of the road as Luna points the next path]

[then the convoy comes to a stop in front a of a giant stone wall]

Rick O'Connel: Seems like we got ourselves a little roadblock.

Ernie: What do ya got, Mucker?

Mucker: I could unblock this if I had 3000lbs of dynamite but I've only got 1500. A few pipe bombs, a scoopful of cherry bombs, 7 kegs of black powder, 4 bags of ANFO, 10Lbs. of C4, blasting caps, 3 road flares.

Mory: Too bad you don't have nitro glycerin, aw Herr' Brian?

Morley: [laughs]

Brian: [activates his lightsaber]

Morley: [as Molt] Shutting up.

Brian: That's what I thought. [deploys it away]

James: Looks like we're gonna have to dig.

Ed: Yes! [he runs up to the side of the wall] Digging!

Eddy and Edd: ED, NO!!!

Ed: [tries to dig but slams into the wall and ends up shaking like crazy]

Edd: Fraid, you can't dig this Ed. This wall is made of hard granite.

Bumblebee Jr.: Stand back guys, and let me take care of things. [takes a coconut out of nowhere]

Yuna: B, Jr. I don't think that's gonna..

Bumblebee Jr.: [hits the wall] Don't worry Yuna, inside my metal is a solitary muscle! [continues hitting] I NEED OXIGENE! [faints]

Princess Luna: Steam Driller! You think you can drill through this?

Steam Driller: Of course.

[his drill and rick grinding wheels start up and he moves forward and starts drilling the wall]

Steam Driller: Almost there! [but then something goes bang and then the great mining engine backfires and stops] (coughs) Oh man!

Dawn: Wow, what a difference.

Piplup: Lup.

Mucker: [opens Steam Driller's hatch] What happened? You had a fine tune up this morning.

Steam Driller: I don't know.

Yuna: Mucker, may I have a look?

Mucker: Sure, go ahead.

Yuna: [looks inside and turns a few knobs and hits one the pipes with a wrench, and Steam Driller roars back into life]

Lazlo: He lives!

Mucker: Nice one Yuna.

Brian: Okay, let's move!

Steam Driller: [continues drilling through as the convoy follows behind]

[we now are at another place as Celestia is matching up something hanging form the roof with a picture in the Journal]

Princess Celestia: This is it, it has to be.

Ernie: Right, we'll make camp here.

Luke: Where is that thing on the ceiling glowing?

Morley: It's a natural forlecense.

Wheelie: That frickin' thing is gonna make me have a  hard time gettin' some sleep.

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