The Quest for the Skylanders Part 2 is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


With the Skylanders gathered all together and all the Villains from Cloudcracker Prison reformed, Yuna and her friends must do whatever it takes to stop Kaos and the Doom Raiders and Reform them.

Draco shares his heart

When Dobby was dying, Yuna was worried that he won't and after he died, She was upset, Then Draco explained that he can help revive him by sharing his heart and Yuna asked why and he told him that Celestia, Luna and Cadance revived them for a reason and so, Draco shared his heart with Dobby and everyone was releaved.

In Canterlot

Back in Canterlot, Princess Celestia explained to Yuna why she, Luna and Cadance revived Draco and Dobby to help her and her friends and apologized for not explaining to her sooner and Yuna forgave her Aunt because she was trying to help and She and her friends set out to stop Thaddeus E. Klang, Feathers McGraw and Reformed Kaos and the Doom Raiders and destroy the Orb of Corruption.

The Battle For Skylands/Reforming Kaos and the Doom Raiders

Later, Princess Yuna, her friends, Their Guardians, The Skylanders, Draco and Dobby begin the Battle for Skylands, As WALL-E, EVE, The Maximals, The Mixels, The Alliance of 16, Wheelie and Brains fight off Klang and McGraw, Yuna and her friends brought out the Air, Earth, Fire, Life, Tech, Undead, Water, Light, Dark and Kaos Trap and trapped Kaos, Wolfgang, Chompy Mage, Chef Pepper Jack, Dreamcatcher, Golden Queen, Dr. Krankcase, The Gulper, Luminous and Nightshade and the Doom Raiders are reformed once again and Yuna destroyed the Orb of Corruption for good and Thaddeus E. Klang and Feathers McGraw are defeated, Skylands and Equestria are saved once agian.

Skylands and Equestria unite

Later that day, Skylands and Equestria was saved thanks to Princess Yuna and her friends and thanks to the Friendship of The Mane 6 and Spyro and Cynder, Skylands and Equestria are united and all the Skylanders will be around to help keep both worlds in balance.




  1. Draco shares his heart
  2. In Canterlot
  3. The Battle For Skylands/Reforming Kaos and the Doom Raiders
  4. Skylands and Equestria unite

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