This is how The Repair Ward goes in F.L.I.K..

[Von Ness

Computer: Foreign Contaminate.

Von Ness:


[Atta lets the bots take her wrist gun]

[To Flik, it looks like she's being tortured]

Flik: [gasp]

[A bot sticks a prod into Atta's armpit, making her laugh. The bot next to her, Rocka, is getting his blade tested]

[To Flik, it looks like she's getting hurt]

Flik: No!

[Atta is washed]

Princess Atta: Ooh.

[To Flik, it looks as if her head is being removed]

Flik: Oh, my gosh!

[Flik gasps and quickly springs out accidentally putting on his music in the process]

Put on your Sunday Clothes~

There's lots of world out there~

[The repair ward bots look at him]

[Flik runs to where Atta is]

Flik: Atta!

[Flik bursts in]

[He looks at the bot with Atta's gun]

[He grabs it]

Princess Atta: Flik. [reaches for it]

[The bot reaches for it]

[Flik accidentally fires it]

[The blast flies across the room]

[The door at the other end is hit and blasted]

Flik: Oh.

[Atta glares]

Princess Atta: Flik!

[An alarm sounds]

[The bots there grab Flik]

[They make their escape]

[The bots carry Flik away]

[Atta follows]

Princess Atta: Flik!

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