The Reprise Remix is a song from Fairly OddParents: School's Out The Musical!.


Timmy Turner: Hey Flappy Bob,

Can't you see what they've done?

Flappy Bob: It might reek now,

But it can all be undone

Timmy: So grab your kites and water gun

Sanjay: My bike!

A.J: My clones!

Chester McBadbat: This big stick bun!

Timmy: It's not a crime

To have your time in the sun

Happy Peppy Gary and Peppy Happy Betty: Kids just being kids

Acting up and eating dirt

Kids just being kids

They could all get hurt!

Kids: Kids just being kids!

Timmy: To keep those goons off all our butts

We'll get this town out of its rut

Timmy and Kids: By us kids just being kids

Head Pixie and Sanderson: Yo. We're pixies. We're pixies.

We firmly rule all the tricks, see?

Head Pixie: The time has come

The deal's gone through

Sanderson: There's fun? Stay there

We'll come to you

Head Pixie and Sanderson: We're pixies. We're pixies.

This is how we get our kicksies

Head Pixie: Our plan has worked, and they have lost

Sanderson: Let's ping on down and show who's the boss

Head Pixie and Sanderson: The pixies. The pixies. The pixies...

Timmy: You two shout real loudly

Flappy Bob: It's your turn now to roar

Timmy: You get to parade proudly

With this drum and bugle corp.

You find the kids and rile them

I'll give them what they need

Flappy Bob: How?

Timmy: Internet!

Flappy Bob: With this much fun those coneheads

Should be here at break neck speed

Timmy and Kids: Adults ruin everything

Timmy: At least that's what I thought

Flappy Bob: You kids ruined everything

That's the lie I bought

Timmy and Flappy Bob: But someone else was pulling strings

As far as we could tell

Flappy Bob: But you and me can set us free

Timmy and Flappy Bob: Everything as well!


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