This is the scene where The Dazzlings resurrect the Black T-Rex in War of the Apocalypse.

(Tino runs from the Indominus Rex and found a place to hide, as the Indominus Rex comes in and tries to finds him, but she fails and walks away)

Tino Tonitini: *phew* That was close.

Adagio Dazzle: Well, well, well, the person we loved arrived.

Tino Tonitini: Adagio! Sonata! And Aria! What are you doing here?!

Adagio Dazzle: We're here to make you join us.

Tino Tonitini: Oh, come on, not this again! I said I'll never join you!

Aria Blaze: Very well, then.

Adagio Dazzle: I guess we'll have a monster to let you force to join us. Let's revive one of the dinosaurs, that was destroyed by the D-Team along with the Alpha Gang!

Tino Tonitini: No! You wouldn't ressurect the...!

Sonata Dusk: We would, my love.

(The Dazzlings begin to use the ruby gems to make skeleton glow and ressurect the Black T-Rex and let's out a roar)

Tino Tonitini: (Shocked) Oh no! The Black T-Rex!

Adagio Dazzle: What do you think?

Aria Blaze: With this you will join us.

Tino Tonitini: I don't like it! And for the last time I don't want to join you!

Adagio Dazzle: Very well. Attack! Until he decides to join us!

(The Black T-Rex steps in trying to crush Tino, but he jumps away before the Black T-Rex steps on him)

Tino Tonitini: I guess I'll have to kill it, "keyblade style" (Get out his keyblade)

Adagio Dazzle: Cool keyblade you got there Tino. You will join us sooner or later.

Tino Tonitini: Not if I kill the Black T-Rex first!

(the Black T-Rex charges toward Tino, but he uses his keyblade to hit it in the head)

Tino Tonitini: Ha! How's that for charge?!

Black T-Rex: ROOOAAAAAR!!!!

Tino Tonitini Back for some more!? Bring it on!

(They start to fight and Tino uses his keyblade powers to attack it)

Black T-Rex: ROOOOOAR!!!

Tino Tonitini: My attacks aren't working! How can it-

Sonata Dusk: It's too strong for you to attack, Tino. Give up and join us, my love.

Tino Tonitini: I'm not giving up until I see this dang them into the underworld!

(The Black T-Rex hits Tino with it tail. Then it stomps on Tino 3 times. And also, it charges toward him and hurt him badly)

Tino Tonitini: (Groans) What.....the.....heck? (falls down, groaning)

(Cut to Sunset Shimmer started to have a feeling)

Sunset Shimmer: Tino!

Serena: Sunset! Wait!

Mordecai: Where are you going?!

(They went after her)

Emerl: She's worried about Tino. He needs help! Come on!