This is how the scene goes with G-Merl and Danielle in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Oh, my gosh, Rarity, Vector's right! This is gonna be a disaster! I'm gonna be terrible!

Applejack: Can you give us a minute, Rarity?

Rarity: Certainly.

Applejack: Now, why's it gonna be so terrible?

Dani Phantom/Fenton: Because Team Chaotix were in charge of everything! The lights, the visuals, the sound! Without them, I've got nothing!

Applejack: Now, now, don't go gettin' yourself into a tizzy there, Danielle. Team Chaotix were at the ARK doing some thing's and G-Merl acted like his friends, so he could enjoy the perks that came with bein' a star. But the real perk of friendship is gettin' to see your friend bein' true to their self. And Danielle, when you're simply yourself, you're the brightest star I've ever seen shine.

[The crowd are waiting for something to happen]

G-Merl: Where are you, Danielle? Danielle? I can't do it. I can't go out there. SpongeBob Squarepants: G-Merl, this is your moment with her, The story you will tell when you look back as a... superstar.

G-Merl: Superstar?

Patrick: Spongebob's right buddy, Now go out there and give them the best darn show they've ever seen.

Braixen: Braixen.

G-Merl: You know what, you're right, The show must go on.

[crowd cheering]

Twilight Sparkle: Good evening, everybody! Welcome to opening night of the Peach Creek Jr. High School Dance! Now it is my great honor to introduce you to our headlining act – G-Merl and Danielle!

[crowd cheering]

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