The Return of Morro is a new movie. 


Starscream revives Morro the Ghost Ninja to help him with his quest for Decepticon leadership. Morro possesses Knock Out with intends on winning the title of the Green Ninja. Can Ryan, his friends and the Ninja stop Morro and save Ninjago before its too late?


Starscream revives Morro

Starscream flies towards the nearby village of Stix in Ninjago. He lands on the ground with a thud in robot mode and goes to the graveyard of Morro. He saw Ryvine coming with Squidward asking him how to revive a ghost ninja. Starscream explains to Ryvine what tombstone did Squidward places flowers on. Ryvine reads the tombstone "Here lies Squidward's Hopes and Dreams." and find out that it's the wrong one and finds the


  • will work for



  • Weekend Whip

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