This is the transcript of The Return of Mr. Ross in Weekenders Adventures Chronicles.

(The episode begins with the Villains are in Hollow Bastion)

Bowser: Alright, Villains gather around. I have an important announcement to finish Tino and his friends.

Negaduck: Let's hear it, my lord.

Bowser: We have our old friend who will help us out to destroy Tino and his friends once and for all and that is the man who wants to erase timelines and destroy the earth but failed. Here he is everyone.

(Mr. Ross appears out of the shadows)

Mr. Ross: Hello.

Megan: Who the heck are you?

Joker: That's Mr. Ross, he was Mordecai and Rigby's teacher.

Megan: He tried to get rid of Mordecai and Rigby for what they did to him.






(Later back at the park they boys are playing Basketball)

Ash Ketchum: Ash runs and dribbles the court he heads for the basket (he makes a lay up) He scores!

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