The Return of the Mercolts is a new movie. 


When the Dark Stars' brothers are about to finish what the Dazzlings started years before, it's up to Ryan, Thomas and their friends including the Dark Stars themselves to stop them before they get the entire human world to adore them.


The Mercolts See Sci-Twi's transformation

The film starts at a movie theatre in the Equestria Girls universe. The various movie viewers argue amongst themselves as a strange pink mist swirls around their feet. Up on a cliff top not too far away, three boys with hoodies sing and absorb the pink mist into the blue and green gems on their foreheads. The green haired boy, Radent, complains that he is "tired of fast food" and needs a meal. The yellow haired boy, Aglode, laments that the world's energy is not the same as of that in Equestria. When the blue haired boy, Piscisius, joins in the conversation and gets into a light argument with Radent, Aglode notices a flash of light in the distance and jumps out of the car he and his brothers are in and saw a flash of light and a crow winged girl fighting a crow winged boy and a glittery winged girl. Aglode gasps and asks his brothers what they think it is. Radent says that it's Dark Ryan F-Freeman and Midnight Sparkle but doesn't know what they have. Aglode grabs Radent angrily and says that they have Equestrian Magic. Radent agrees and they're going to use it to make everyone adore them and get revenge on their sisters who betrayed them.

Five years later

Five years later, at Canterlot High School, the students are getting ready for the upcoming Friendship Games. Sci-Twi tries to help the twins with their exercizes for the Friendship Games but they decline, much to Sci-Twi's dismay. Ryan goes to Sci-Twi and escort her to his friends including the Cyberlings. But as they go to their friends, the other students glare at and gossip about Sci-Twi, making her feel uncomfortable. Then


  • will work for



  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Better then Ever
  • Welcome to the Show

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