The Return of the Spiteful Break Van is a eighth episode of the first season of Thomas' Adventures Chronicles.


After Douglas got his new set of buffers, he told Victor and Kevin that there's no spare brake vans left on the Little western and ask if there's any left at the steamworks. Victor said there's one just behind the building and Douglas to get it.

When he arrived at the back of the steamworks he heard a familler voice saying "OH GREAT IT'S YOU". Much to Doulgas' horror, the spare brake van he was getting turns out to be The Spietful Break Van. The Van revealed that he's been at the back since he was repaired long time ago and still feels angry at Douglas for crushing him in the first place. Douglas soon startd to push van to the Little Werstern, but the van had put his brakes on purpose making Douglas hard to get moving.

Later when they arrived to collect a train full of ballest to take to Brendam Dock, The Van put his brakes on again to make Douglas' deliver late causing them to miss the ship and Douglas gets the blame for it.

That night he told the other engines and ponies about what had happened as he clamed it this was his fault the van is picking on him after putting too much presure on Gordon's Hill. But Donald remined his twin that it was only an accident and also said if the van did the sameting to him, he will givve him a piece of his mind like he did when they first came to Sodor (Which somehow gave Douglas and idea).

The next day Douglas took a goods train to Brendam Docks and the van put his brakes on yet again and got Douglas to put his plan into action by speeding up dragging the Spiteful Brakevan along the track. One there, the van's wheels were melting flat and Rocky lift him on to the flatbed so Douglas can take him to the Steamworks to be repaired, but the two never said a word.

After been fixed and brought back to the Little Werstern, the Van apologize to Doulgas for delaying his ballest train yesterday and Douglas apologize too for dragging along the rails in Which the van said to him that he was just teaching what comes around goes around.

as the few days past Douglas and the Brake van worked without anymore troubles. All the trains ran on time and the two of them became friends.


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