The Revenge of Unicron is another film made by Transformersprimefan.


Unicron returns from the dead and once again is out to destroy his brother Primus. Thomas leads a mission to stop Unicron, only to lose his memory in a fight with a possessed Twilight Sparkle. And worse, the Decepticon Siren Thunderblast is out to gather negative energy with the help of Predaking, Skylynx and Darksteel.


A Stranger Brings Unicron Back To Life

On Cybertron, a stranger finds Unicron imprisoned in the AllSpark. The Stranger uses a spell to bring the Chaos Bringer back to life. As Unicron talks to the Stranger, who explains that she saved him by using a resurrection spell that bought him back to life, he explains that he needs the Train-Prime who imprisoned him in the AllSpark. The Stranger introduces him to a new substance called Dark CyberMatter, which allows its user to manipulate anyone or thing infused with it as if they were their puppets. Unicron finds it quite interesting and employs the Stranger as his loyal assistant.

The Mixels' Story Of Thunderblast

Down on Earth, Sunset Shimmer recalls a Decepticon named Thunderblast. The Mixels tell the story of Thunderblast. Thunderblast was a beautiful but dangerous Transformer who used her vocal stylings to manipulate others into fighting. As their negativity grew stronger, so did her power. But she was defeated by the legendary Transformer, Primus. He sent her and three Predacons, Predaking, Skylynx and Darksteel to a world where he thought her power would be gone for good. Kai concludes that she must be like the Dazzlings. Optimus Prime says that he took Thunderblast head on and defeated her once.


  • This film is based off of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

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