Here is the transcript of Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 Halloween Special The Rise of Fazbear.


Kid #1: Trick or Treat!

(A person gives two kids candy)

Kid #2: Thank you.

Kid #1: Let's go to the cemetery.

(They later walked into the cemetery)

Kid #1: What is this place?

Kid #2: It's looks like a graveyard.

Kid #1: It is a graveyard.

(Suddenly they see a small treasure chest)

Kid #2: What is that?

Kid #1: It's a treasure chest. Maybe it has candies inside.

Kid #2: Open it.

(They use a key to open the treasure chest, as the key unlocks the lock they open it, but then a mysterious dark energy comes out of the small treasure chest)

Kid #1: What is that thing?!

(The dark energy reveal itself to be a humanoid demon with horns on his head, armor suits, a black cape and a tail. Then two kids scream in terror and runs off)

Halloween Demon: At last! I'm finally free! Now I can take over halloween and scare children!

(He opens his hands to bring out a dark energy and creates a crimson portal unleashing monsters and villains from the dead. As all the monsters let out their roars the Halloween Demon laughs evilly. This is Halloween song plays as the title shows "The Rise of Fazbear")

Halloween Party

(Later in Pops' house we see Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 and the rest of the people are celebrating a halloween party)

Emerl: Oh, yeah! It's Halloween!

Muscle Man: (Whooping) You know who else celebrates Halloween? My Mom!

(All the heroes laughed)

Ash Ketchum: Muscle Man, your my mom jokes are very funny!

Muscle Man: Thanks bro.

Takato Matsuki: This is the best Halloween party ever!

Yoshi: Oh yeah, one of my favorite hoilday's!

Eddy: So Takato, what are you and Guilmon suppose to be for halloween?

Takato Matsuki: I'm Owen Grady, and Guilmon is Blue the Raptor from Jurassic World.

Guilmon: I love this costume.

Henry Wong: Cool costume.

Takato Matsuki: Thanks Henry.

Tai Kamiya: Awesome party!

Agumon: I love Halloween!

Mordecai: This party rocks!

Rigby: This is the best!

Rigby & Mordecai: Oooooooohhhhhhh!

Sunset Shimmer: Say, where's Gmerl?

Eddy: I think he's outside doing some training, just back at the H,Q.

Sunset Shimmer: I see.

Serena: I love this party!

Bonnie: Me, too!

Flain: This party's rocking!

Michelangelo: This halloween party is rocking! Totally radical! Cowabunga!

Benson: (Sighs) What a night!

Mordecai: Benson! You made it!

Jeri Katou: Are you guys enjoying a halloween party?

Rika Nonaka: Yeah, I'm having a good time.

Renamon: Me, too.

Cynder: What are you suppose to be for Halloween, Rika?

Rika Nonaka: I'm a secret agent.

Spyro: What about you, Zoe?

Zoe Orimoto: I'm an artist. Like it?

Serena: I like it.

Aqua: What are you suppose to be for Halloween, Yolei?

Yolei Inoue: A Pilot.

Aqua: Nice costume.

Yolei Inoue: Thanks.

Hawkmon: I'm a parrot. Like it?

Terra: I sure do.

Xion: Look at you, Kari. Don't tell me what are you suppose to be for halloween. Your a witch.

Kari Kamiya: Correct.

Xion: Your so cute as a witch.

The Haunted Mansion

(Later our heroes are walking in the street)

Ash Ketchum: This is so awesome.

Serena: Yeah.

Bonnie: (Looks at her bag) We got the bag full of candy! Yay!

Emerl: You sure love Halloween, don't you Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes!

(Pikachu hears something)

Ash Ketchum: What's the matter, Pikachu?

(Pikachu points at something and they see a Mansion)

Takato Matsuki: A Mansion.

Teslo: I'm scared.

Izzy Izumi: There's nothing to be afraid of Teslo. It's just an mansion.

Michelangelo: Maybe, we should go there, they might have more candy we can eat.

Leonardo: All right Team, let's go get candy. Turtle Power!

Matt Ishida: You're coming, little brother?

T.K. Takaishi: Sure.

Patamon: I'll go too.

(They walk to the haunted house as some of the heroes knock on the door or ring the bell)

Kari Kamiya: Trick-or-Treat?

(There was no one to open the door)

Rigby: Oh, come on, man! Trick-or-Treat! (Knocks on the door) I SAID TRICK-OR-TREAT!! (Knocks door) AAAAAHH!!!!! (walks to the heroes) Did you see that?

Mordecai: Yeah, they're not home. Let's go.

Gatomon: Wait, look!

(The door opens)

Emerl: Maybe we should go in.

Sora: Okay.

(They walk in the haunted house)

Tommy Himi: Hello? Is anybody in the mansion?

Takato Matsuki: Hello. We didn't mean to come in here, but we saw the door opens by itself.

Guilmon: We wanted candy.

(Then suddenly the door closes by itself)

Tai Kamiya: What the?!

Double-D: (He runs to the door trying to open but it's locked) Great! The door is locked!

Tai Kamiya: Are you kidding me? (He tries to open but it won't budge) You're right.

Tentomon: Oh no, we're trapped!

Zaptor: You don't think it's the werewolves!

Henry Wong: I don't it's the werewolves. Maybe the wind closes the door.

(Then the Werewolve's howl are heard)

Rika Nonaka: (Gets scared) I hear them too!

Jeri Katou: Oh, no! You don't think...!

(Then Werewolf howls again)

Exploring the Haunted Mansion

(The heroes are now exploring the haunted mansion)




Heroes Sings Wolf-I-Fied

[Song Narrator]
The night is getting darker
And the full moon is in the sky
In the distance you hear a howl
And a blood-curdling cry
You think it's probably just the wind
But then something else happens
Something that makes you think again
There's something moving
Out through the night
You got that sickly sinking feeling
That something isn't right
You run to find a shelter
Locking the door
But behind you there's a shadow
Crawling 'cross the floor
You turn to scream (Aah!)
It seems a little mean
Knees are shaking, cold sweat
And your hearts are racing
Those claws, those teeth
Who's that underneath?
Is that a hedgehog?
Your eyes can't believe
[Tentomon and Guilmon]
He's been wolf-i-fied!
You better fly
Cause there's no one here to save you
And you can not deny
He's been wolf-i-fied!
Just say goodbye
Cause there's no place left to run to
There's no place left to hi-ide
You think you made it
Running out the back
But you better think again
Because something's on your track
You run into a corner
Turn to see who's there
Now there's almost half a dozen
That seems a bit unfair!
You turn to scream (Aah!)
Get something in between
Knees are shaking, cold sweat
And your hearts are racing
Those claws, those teeth
Who's that underneath?
Are those your friends there?
Your eyes can't believe
They've been wolf-i-fied!
No need to try
Cause there's no one here to save you
And you can not deny
We've been wolf-i-fied!
Just say goodbye
Cause there's no place to run to
There's no place left to hi-ide
Wolf-i, wolf-i-fied!
Tentomon: Oh, I don't feel so good about this!
Wolf-i, wolf-i-fied!
Guilmon: Hey, they're pretty good dancers!
Wolf-i, wolf-i-fied!
Tentomon: I don't care about good dancers!
Wolf-i, wolf-i-fied!

Trying to find the way out


Indominus Rex Attack in the Garden

(Our heroes open the back door and they see the scary looking old abandoned garden)

J.P. Shibayama: Whoa.

Pops: What is this?

Emerl: It looks like an abandoned garden.

G-Merl: It looks very creepy in here.

Tino Tonitini: You said it.

Tai Kamiya: We have to find the way to get out of this mansion. Maybe there's the next door somewhere.

(All the heroes walk to find the doorway to get out of this creepy abandoned garden, then we see the screen is red and we hear a monster growling spying on the heroes and slowly walked away)

T.K. Takaishi: Did you hear something?

Matt Ishida: No?

Mimi Tachikawa: I didn't hear anything.

Palmon: I don't hear anything either.

Emerl: Well, whatever it is. Let's just ignore it.

(As they continue suddenly Pikachu hears a noise)

Ash Ketchum: What's wrong, Pikachu? You hear something?

(Then a dripping saliva drips on Ash and Serena)

Serena: AAH!! Something dripped on my head!

Ash Ketchum: Ew, saliva? Where did that come from?

(Everyone turned back to see where the saliva is coming from, then the bush suddenly started to move)

G-Merl: Something moved.

(Then the bushes moves slowly and it's color changes to it's true color it is reveal to be a white dinosaur called Indominus Rex)

Tino Tonitini: Indominus Rex!

Mordecai & Rigby: Run!

Benson: What?

Emerl: We said run! Run!

Takato Matsuki: Shall we um...

Henry Wong: Run like crazy!

Rika Nonaka: Yep.

Spongebob: Run!!

Tino Tonitini: Run for your lives!

(All the heroes run for their lives as the Indominus Rex runs after them)

The Heroes Encounters Freddy Fazbear

Eddy: Boy that was close.

Lor McQuarrie: I think we lost it.

Ash Ketchum: Let's get out of this house. It's super creepy.

(Then they see all skeleton bones everywhere which scare the heroes in terror)

Serena: Why are there bones everywhere?!

Bonnie Bunny & Foxy Attack

(Later we cut to our heroes are hiding in the control room from those scary monsters and animatronics, not to panic and scream)

Emerl: Everyone, be very quiet.

Ash Ketchum: He's right, whatever you do. Do not panic, scream or make any noises.

Tai Kamiya: Shh.

(Then we hear a wall scratching noise. Outside we see Foxy's hook scratching the wall waiting for his victims to come out, inside the control room Kari hugs Tai very tightly)

Kari Kamiya: I'm scared!

Tai Kamiya: Calm down, Kari. Don't make any noises. He'll go away if we can't make any noises.

Lost in the Hallway/Chica Appears






(Takato, Henry, Rika and their Digimon made it to the door as Takato tries to open the door, but it turns out it's locked)

Takato Matsuki: The door is locked!

Henry, Rika, Guilmon, Terriermon & Renamon: What?!

Rika Nonaka: Try to open it before that crazy animatronic yellow chicken kills us!

Chica: ???

Enter the Halloween Demon


Vampire Bats Attack

Werewolves Attack

(Later our heroes run outside of the forest)

Emerl: I think we lost them.





Distortion World/Giratina Appears

(In the underworld we see the heroes wake up)

Emerl: Is everyone alright?

Rika Nonaka: Yeah. Gmerl: Same here.

Terriermon: Where are we?

(Then suddenly a scary roar was heard out of nowhere)

Patamon: (Gets scared) What was that?!

T.K. Takaishi: I don't know? But it's scary!

Emerl: I wonder why?

(The heroes walk backwards slowly while the Pokémon stares at them)

Ash Ketchum: What are you?!

(The silhouette figure reveal itself to be the Legendary Ghost and Dragon type Giratina as it roars loudly in it's Origin Forme)

Ash Ketchum & Tai Kamiya: Giratina!

Takato Matsuki: The Legendary Pokémon that lives in the distortion world!

Henry Wong: We must've fallen into it's home.

(Giratina growls viciously looking down at the heroes)

Vampos: It's gonna eat us!

Lor McQuarrie: (Screams in terror and runs off)

Dude is a Vampire


Ghost Train






Yoshi: Zoinks!!

Donkey Kong: We're in a train full of Ghosts!

Skeleton Conductor: That's ride! Let's enjoy this ride... to the halloween demon! (Laughing)

(The ghost train whistles as it races through the spooky forest)





Haunted Carnival/Yveltal Attacks

(Our heroes are now wondering around in the spooky deserted forest)





(As the fog clears away they have entered the scary looking abandoned Carnival)






Ash Ketchum: What is that thing?

(The growling inside the cocoon growls louder)

Emerl: I don't want to stick around and find out.

(The cocoon opens up reveals to be the Legendary Destruction Pokémon Yveltal as it lets out a roar)

All Heroes: Yveltal!

(Yveltal roars)

Fluttershy: (Screams) It's Yveltal!

Tai Kamiya: Run!

(The heroes run for their lives while Yveltal chases them)

Darkrai Appears in the Abandoned Engine Shed





Clemont: Ash. You're shadow!

Ash Ketchum: What? (He looks down at his shadow moving)

Vampos: Something moved.

(Then a creepy figure appears out of the shadow reveal to be Darkrai)

Ash Ketchum: Darkrai...

Serena: Darkrai?

Darkrai: Why did you come to this place?

Timothy and Demon 311 Appears

(Later our heroes are walking in the dark spooky forest following the railroad tracks)

Emerl: Keep following the tracks, we'll be able to get out of this nightmare soon.

(Suddenly Pikachu hears something)

Ash Ketchum: What's the matter, Pikachu?

(Pikachu points at that direction as they hear two trains moving)

Clemont: Could that be two trains?

Mordecai: All right, help.

(Then two silhouette trains stop and stares at the heroes)

Gmerl: Hey, can you help us?

Jeri Katou: Please, help us out. Give us a ride home so we can get out of this nightmare, before Freddy and the other monsters could kill us.

(Two silhouette engines did not respond)

Rika Nonaka: Hello? Did you hear us?

(Two engines still didn't respond)

Tino Tonitini: Maybe they didn't talk.

Demon 311: Don't worry, we can talk. We can help you out.

Timothy the Ghost Train: Don't be afraid guest.

Tai Kamiya: It's about time you can talk. So are you gonna help us?

Demon 311: Of course. We do.

Emerl: Wait. Hold on. You're not saying... You're...

Demon 311: I am DEMON 311!!!

Timothy the Ghost Train: We meet again, Little Brother.

Thomas the Tank Engine: T-T-T-T-TIMOTHY!?!?!?

Ash Ketchum: And your name is... what?

Demon 311: I said I am DEMON 311!!!

Serena: Demon 311?

Demon 311: You humans never heard of me before?

Human Apple Bloom: Never.

Takuya Kanbara: Are... are you... a ghost train too?

Demon 311: Yes... I was once a living engine long time ago.

(Flashback starts long time ago)

Demon 311 (V.O.): It all started on October 31, 1957, I was trying deliver logs to my next destination. Not long after I left, the weather change and became the worst storms in the U.S. history with flash floods being reported along the line. All the trees and rocks are being pushed away by the flash flood and pulling them downstream towards the Miller-River Bridge. Since the bridge was made of wood at the time, the force of the water and debris slowly took out its supports. The speed of the Miller-River Canyon was 15 mph at the time, but I was running late. So the driver had the throttle open, doing 30 mph down the grade. When we came out of the tunnel just before the bridge. My driver and I started to get across, but the support went lose and we plunge to our death in the raging river below. Until the next day, no humans have heard of me again, when they came to a search-and-rescue mission. They only find the bridge destroyed and they never find me. After a new and a stronger bridge was constructed, strange events begins is many engines and people cross the same bridge where I disappeared I appeared towards them and they vanished without a trace.

(Flashback ends)

Demon 311: That's the whole story. The legend says that I was trying to get to the other side of the bridge, but I didn't. So many people have called me the Clinchfield Curse.

Yoshi: Clinchfield Curse?

Donkey Kong: That's scary.

Sora Takenouchi: And you and your driver died from the bridge collapsed and you became the ghost train. How awful it was for you.

Timothy the Ghost Engine: Thought you see the end of me, didn't you Thomas? Well, I can't be stopped. And will never rest until I get what I want, and complete that in which I came back for!

Thomas the Tank Engine: But how could this be? We thought we defeated on the viaduct and we saw you fall! This is impossible?

Percy: Yeah, how did you manage to survive?

Timothy the Ghost Engine: You can't kill what's already dead. I may be dead, but I still keep coming back, you and your friends were wrong about me. I still haunts sodor, and this abandoned mansion and no matter what you do! I continue to strike when and where! You least expect!

Peter Sam:

Apple Bloom:

Apple Bloom (Human):


Timothy the Ghost Engine:

Thomas the Tank Engine:






Timothy the Ghost Train: We're taking you to the Halloween Demon!

Demon 311: If not... then you'll DIE!!!

Emerl: Run!

Takato Matsuki: Quick there coming after us!

Ash Ketchum: Go, go!

(The heroes runs away in terror while two ghost trains chase them in hot pursuit)

Pinkie Pie: Faster! Faster! Faster!

Thomas the Tank Engine: I am going faster!

Timothy the Ghost Train: You can run! But you can't hide, SUPS1!


Mater: Run, they're gonna get ya!

Lightning McQueen: Cruz!

Cruz Ramirez: Aaah!

Terriermon: Momentai!

Henry Wong: Momentai yourself!

(Then the fog appears blinding the heroes as Timothy and Demon 311 blows out their whistles)

Mater: Did we lose them?

Percy: I think we lost them.

(Then Timothy and Demon 311 shows up again)

Lightning McQueen:



Tino and Gmerl's Disagreement



Villains Sings Unleash the Magic


[King Nixel]
We realize that you've always been an outcast
It's not everyone on Halloween who likes to think!
To find a genius that's like you
We've had one or maybe two
But the good ones disappear before we blink
[All Villains]
(Oh, oh-wuh-oh-wuh, oh
Oh, oh-wuh-oh-wuh)
[Queen Chrysalis]
Now, we understand you have your reservations (oh-wuh)
It's hard to have power as great as yours (oh-oh-oh-oh)
But if you don't do this plan
Well, I think we've made it plain
What will happen if there no Halloween!
[All Villains]
(Oh, wuh-oh-wuh, oh
Oh, wuh-oh-wuh)
Unleash the darkness, unleash your darkness
If you don't, then your to blame
They all have used it, maybe embraced it
So then, why can't you do the same?
(Oh, wuh-oh-wuh, oh
Oh, wuh-oh-wuh)
[Freddy Fazbear]
Call it power, call it magic
If you lose, it will be tragic
More important is the knowledge you'll have lost (oh-oh-oh-oh)
A chance like this won't come again
You'll regret not giving in
Isn't understanding power worth the cost?
[All Villains]
(Oh, wuh-oh-wuh, oh
Oh, wuh-oh-wuh)
Unleash the darkness, unleash the darkness
We aren't friends here after all
Our only interest, in this business
Is seeing the Sega Unit Patrol Squad fall
(Oh, wuh-oh-wuh, oh
Oh, wuh-oh-wuh)
[King Sombra]
What we're suggesting's very simple
And since it's win-win on all scores
We only want to learn about the
Power that you have stored
[Mephiles the Dark]
And as for us and all the villains
We only want what we deserve
That our army will clinch the win
And our...
[All Villains]
...legacy will endure!
[All the Villains]
Unleash the darkness, unleash the darkness
If you don't, then it's a crime
But you can do it if you begin it (ah-ah-ah)
It's up to you to not fail this time
[The Nixels]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
Imagine all I'll learn by setting it free
Major Nixel: At last the night has come!
[The Nixels]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
[The Changelings]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
Now creating this darkness depends on me
[The Nixels]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
[The Changelings]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
And what doors might open if I try to use it
Myotismon: Let the Halloween Countdown begin...
[The Nixels]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
[The Changelings]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
But the power's what I really what I want to see
Kari: Gmerl, no!!
[The Nixels]
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now
Unleash the darkness, free the darkness now

Final Battle of Halloween

(Now we the heroes have)


(Then they see Timothy charging towards them)

Percy: He's coming!

Toby: So, I can hear!

Timothy the Ghost Engine:

(Percy and Toby

Timothy the Ghost Engine: (evilly laughs) We are going to end this madness!

(Percy and Toby





Timothy the Ghost Engine:


Timothy the Ghost Train: Prepare to be sent to the graveyard heroes! For your death has come! The balance of Timothy, the Ghost Train of Sodor!

Emerl: Wait for it... (He sees Timothy getting close to the heroes) NOW!!

(Giratina Alterned form fires Dragon Breath, WarGrowlmon fires Atomic Blaster, Gmerl fires Cyclone Cannon, Pikachu fires Thunderbolt and Hououmon fires Star-light Explosion on the bridge and explodes as Timothy came off the tracks and plunge down)

Timothy the Ghost Train: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Gets killed from the explosion)

(As the heroes look down to see Timothy's dead body)

Emerl: And your death, came at the hands of us heroes.

Rarity (Human):

Sweetie Belle:

Skarloey & Sir Handel: Hooray!

Sweetie Belle (Human): Wait a minute. Where's 311?

Demon 311: (Demonic voice) Over here, fools! YOU'RE GOING TO DIE FOR HALLOWEEN DEMON!!!!

Sunset Shimmer: Oh no, you don't!


(As the sunrises all of the heroes opens the door)

Yoshi: We're finally out of this nightmare!

Donkey Kong: Thank goodness.

Mimi Tachikawa: I would never go that haunted house on Halloween night, ever again.

Serena: That was so scary.

Ash Ketchum: You said it.

Vulk: That was the best Halloween house ever!

Flain: You said it dude.







(Now we go to the epilogue where we see Team Rocket are running while it's rainning at night time)

Jessie: Great time to get lost!

James: I'm in the down pour.

Meowth: What a pour!

(They see the same haunted mansion where the heroes have entered)

James: A mansion! Let's warm up in there!

(Team Rocket runs in joy to find the mansion)

Jessie: (Knocks on the door) Hello? (Takes a peek inside of the window) Is anyone there?

(The door opens as Team Rocket enters and then suddenly the door shuts and locks them inside the mansion)

Meowth: The door!

James: It's locked!

Jessie: Let us out! Somebody, please!

(Then a pair of glowing red eyes appears)

Freddy Fazbear: Welcome, guest. You're not thinking of leaving are you?

Jessie: Who are you?

Meowth: Uh, oh.

James: A Fazbear?

Freddy Fazbear: Correct. But I'm not alone.

(Then more animatronics appears and so as more monsters)

Demon 311: Team Rocket, three annoying people who always want to capture the boy's Pikachu came to our mansion.

(Team Rocket gets scared)

Timothy the Ghost Train: Just you wait Thomas along with Emerl and his friends. We'll be back, even if we have to wait the entire year. We will be back! We always come back! (Laughing evilly)

(Team Rocket screams in terror and they run off in this mansion while the monsters chases them as everything fades to black)

Nightmare Freddy Fazbear: (Appears out of nowhere scaring the viewers) Happy Halloween!

(The movie ends as the song Allstars - Bump in the Night plays)

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