The Rise of Starbeam Glamour is a upcoming epic movie.


Starlight Glimmer was so happy that she and Twilight are now good friends, but a brother of hers is up to no good.


Starlight Glimmer recieves a letter

Starlight Glimmer is having a tea party with Ryan, Matau, Fluttershy and Discord. She is drinking tea with Ryan while Discord plays Snap with Fluttershy. Matau watches the fun and asks Starlight if she had any fun and she wonders if Twilight has had any luck with her new princess role. At that moment, Lloyd Garmadon arrives with a letter from someone to Starlight. Starlight takes it and reads it. Ryan asks Starlight about who its from. Matau looks at the letter with Starlight. Starlight says that it's from Starbeam Glamour. Ryan asks her who Starbeam Glamour is. Starlight explains that Starbeam is her brother. She also explains how he try to rule Equestria as it's Emperor. But Ryan and Princess Celestia orders Starbeam to leave Equestria and never return. And after Starlight reads the part saying he wants to see her again, she informs Ryan that the place she once have is "Our Town". But Ryan notice that town name has changed. Which is now called "Friendship Town of BFFs". She talks to Ryan about her brother's thirst for power. Bumblebee arrives with Cody, who is wearing Twilight's crown and tells Starlight that Starbeam


  • will be guest stars in this film.
  • will be good guest stars in this film.
  • Ryvine Sparkle, will work of Starbeam Glamour.


  • My little Pony Friendship is Magic theme song
  • In Our Town
  • Everything is Awesome


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