This is how the rise of Volpora goes in Volpina (CTaRAoMToLaCN).


Matau T. Monkey: Sora. What is the matter?

Sora: Lila's been akumatized. And I know Ryan is ok.

Evil Ryan: It's ok. I got some news on my communicator.

[Evil Ryan shows a video on his communicator]

Yen Sid: Ryan, Cody, Sora, Riku, Sci-Ryan, Crash. You lot deserve the honor. However, two of you braved the realm of sleep again to unlock the final Keyhole and save a friend. Ryan F-Freeman and Riku, I name you our new true Keyblade Masters.

[Evil Ryan turns off his communicator and Sora gets angry]


Sci-Ryan: Ryan is a Keyblade Master now. I cannot change the past. The time travel spell I got, is nothing but ash now.

Sora: I can prove that I am better then Ryan and Riku, traitor!

[Sora slaps Sci-Ryan and runs off. Meanwhile, at Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: Oh my. A Keyblade wielder lost his friend to the exam. Betrayed and angry.

Hawk Moth: The moment of weakness for your pray. A perfect Keyblade wielder for your Akuma.


Ryan Repulsa: Fly, my pretty little Akuma. And merge with that traitorous boy.

[The Akuma flies out the window. Meanwhile, Ryan chats to Ladybug]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ladybug? Why did you show up to Lila?

Ladybug: Because, Ryan, she was lying to Adrien.

Sci-Ryan: Ladybug. Ryan. I got bad news. Sora has ran off and called me a traitor. After all the time in the Ryan's Quest films and Sora repaid me by a smack on the face.

Twilight Sparkle: What? He called Sci-Ryan a traitor?

Rikki: Looks like we got to find him.

Ryan F-Freeman: Guys. You go find Cat Noir. Ladybug and Ladyan can see what Kitty Noir is up to. Time to transform. Rikki, spots on! Yahoo!

[Ryan transforms to Ladyan. Meanwhile, Iago and his friends found Sora]

Sora: How did Ryan leave me alone when he is a master of a Keyblade?

Iago: Look, Sora. Ryan didn't forget you. Human Ryan took a photo of Ryan and Riku.

Sora: [looks at a photo of Ryan and Riku] Yeah. I hope there is some good in him.

Emmet: You said it.

[Sora spots an akuma]

Sora: What is that butterfly?

Iago: I got it.

[Iago tries to catch the Akuma but it landed on Sora's necklace and butterfly frame forms around his eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Volpora. I am Ryan Repulsa. I know that Ryan is a Keyblade Master. So. For you, I give you the powers of Volpina. You can convince Ladyan, Kitty Noir and the other 2 heroes of Paris that you are a hero. But, in return. You need to bring me and Hawk Moth the Matrix and the Miraculous. So. On a scale of one to three stars, what will you think about this offer?

Sora: For me. 3. Ryan will pay for what his Keyblade skills has to offer.

[Sora lets the Akuma consume him and he becomes Volpora]

Volpora: Time to tune things up.

Iago: Sora? You got a new outfit?

Volpora: I am Volpora. Keyblade master of music.

Emmet: Music? Oh. I guess you like this. Everything is awesome~

[Volpora pulls out his flute and plays it. He throws a ball of magic at the photo of Ryan and Riku and it turns to a photo of Ryan and Sora]

Iago: What's that?

Volpora: That's why I am who I am now.