Here is the scene everyone discovers the The Ritual of Prosperity in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(Later we see G-Merl gets the seven Chaos Emerald)

G-Merl: Finally... We've got All the Chaos Emeralds! Now, I can uncover the truth about my destiny. [The Emeralds float above him] All of it...

Yoshi: Yeah, we'll fight alongside ya.

Emerl: Then it's settled, we're going through.

[Black Doom moves out of the ground and Demon God Demigra lands on the Ground]

Black Doom: Well done, G-Merl... Our ritual can now commence as planned. Give us the Chaos Emeralds.

Demon God Demigra: You have no time, you have... no choice.

Everyone: G-Merl!

G-Merl: Huh? [Turns around]

Yoshi: Sonic, Guy's, what are you doing here?!

Sonic: You guy's, give me the Chaos Emeralds!

Donkey Kong: What, how come?

Gabumon: Don't listen to them!

Rex Owen: They're tricking you!

Dr. Eggman: Do not give the Emeralds to Black Doom, G-Merl!

Rouge: They're planning to destroy the planet!

Mordecai: Not to mention trying to kill us! Dude!

Black Doom: Hahaha... Ignorant fools. We're here to save the humans from their own demise. We offer... salvation.

[Camera turned to G-Merl]

G-Merl: What?

Rod and Laura: What?

Benson: What are you talking about?

[Camera zoom in on the Villains from the corner of the Emeralds]

Primus: Their greed, thirst for power affinity for betrayal has them on a path of self-destruction. Their actions will lead to extinction of their species.

Adagio Dazzle: He's right you know, We're here to save them from themselves... without our perfect order... allowing them to live through their desperate lives in peace..

Master Xehanort: Humans are a great energy source for us... they will be well kept.

Demon God Demigra: Don't forget about this. I'm planing to take control over Dialga and Palkia and command them to create a new universe my own!

Team Robot: Wha?!

[The Chaos Emeralds float over to Black Doom]

Black Doom: Let us begin our ritual of prosperity.

Villains: Chaos...Control!

[The Villains used a massive Chaos Control that emits a white light which covers everything.]

G-Merl: This can't be happening!

[Above the surface of the Earth in space, the Black Comet is seen. It then blinks out in a green light and appears again on the surface of the Earth, above a city. The Black Comet then shoots out roots which burrows into the planet then Demon God Demigra's mind control powers is sucessfully control Dialga and Palkia]

[Back inside the Black Comet]

Bonnie: What was that, Clemont? What just happened?

Clemont: I-I'm not sure, Bonnie, maybe it was an earthquake.

Leonardo: I don't think it was an earthquake, but those black creatures just warped the comet down to the surface using Chaos Control!

Ash Ketchum: Worst of it is, Demigra has taken control over Dialga and Palkia!

Sunset Shimmer: No! That's impossible!

Shadow: That's why you needed the Chaos Emeralds.

Max Taylor: Grrr!

Black Doom: Hahahaha... precisely. The comet's velocity isn't powerful enough to pass through another planet's atmosphere. The Emeralds amplify the space-time control powers of Chaos Control. We need them to charge full power. It's the perfect plan, That's why I needed Vlad Plasmius to help me...

G-Merl: What?!

Patrick Star: That's insane!

[Flashback onboard at his mansion. Vlad Plasmius and Black Doom stand near a tube with Danielle inside it.]

Black Doom: Vlad Plasmius was in development of the ultimate life force, but he needed my help, So we made a deal... I helped him and he promised to deliver me the SEVEN Chaos Emeralds, That's how Danielle was created, G-Merl. She would help us do both!

[Flashback ends]

G-Merl: What!? I can't believe it! [Knells down in shock]

Tino Tonitini: Harsh.

Dani Fenton/Phantom: I'm so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you.

G-Merl: But, Danielle, why?

Aria Blaze: Don't be upset, Robot-boy, She has conned smarter than you Or did you think you were special? A real friend...

Dani Fenton/Phantom: I didn't lie about that, G-Merl, you are my friend.

Dr. Eggman: That can't be! He betrayed his own people for research!? for Black Doom?

Sonic: Big deal... we can't just stand here doing nothing!

Max Taylor: For once, I agree with him!

Knuckles: Yeah... let's do this! I'll crush that cosmic rock ball! [Strikes a pose and then stops moving]

Sonic: Knuckles!? What's wrong?

Ash Ketchum: He's frozen solid!

Tai Kamiya: Why?!

[Suddenly, all the visitors to the Black Comet stops moving.]

Sora: What is going on?

Mordecai: I can't move!

Zander: Why are we frozen?!

Black Doom: A special weapon.... this gas, once released is quickly absorbed into your blood system. In a moment, total paralysis will hit your nervous system. The end is near, now. Hahahaha... [Black Doom summons the Death Leeches] Ahhh... my dear offspring... Eat and devour these savory dishes! [The Death Leeches move in on the paralyzed victims.]

Everyone: Help me! Stop it!

[G-Merl remembering]

Commander: I will avenge those whose blood has spilled!

G-Merl: Did I...die?

Black Doom: That's why she was created...

Dani Fenton/Phantom: Please help me, G-Merl.

[G-Merl opened his eyes and stand, his eyes spotting a Death Leech which he stomps on.]

Black Doom: What?

Demon God Demigra: It can't be!

G-Merl: I am G-Merl the member of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 member. I've left the past behind me. No one can tell me what to do now! I will destroy you, Black Doom and Demon God Demigra!!

Black Doom: We gave you life and THIS is how you repay me! The irony of it all is... I gave you life.... NOW I'll take it back! Hahahah...

[The Villains leaves while G-Merl follows him]

Yoshi: G-Merl, Wait up!

Goku: Found him, grab on to me.

[Emerl, Yoshi and DK grabbed Goku by his back as he uses Instant Transmission]

Rouge: G-Merl...

Sonic: You guy's are our only hope now!

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