Heath TheRival

Heath Lynx makes a poor first impression on the LKHFF crew.

The Rival Arrives is an original story from the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Short Stories series. It was released in DeviantArt in January 9, 2011. A film of the same name has been released on YouTube on July 4, 2011, and marks as the pilot episode of the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures Chronicles.


The crew learned that they have a new neighbor named Heath Lynx moved into an old warehouse right next door. However, that neighbor proclaims himself to be their rival!

Upon meeting them, he challenged the crew to make a film and the one who makes the best film wins the challenge and even Rae!

Will the crew beat him or will Rae have to work with him and become his girlfriend?


  • This short story debuts Heath Lynx. Originally, Heath was to appear for only one story, but due to highly positive responses and popular demand of the character, Heath is promoted as the series' recurring character and becomes the crew's primary antagonist/temporary ally at the Benny Leo and Johnny's Adventures series on DeviantArt and YouTube.

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