Road rovers

From left to right: Hunter, Colleen, Shag, Blitz and Exile

The Road Rovers are a group of humanoid dogs who fight in combat and also to protect their friends and allies. They are regular dogs chosen by their leader Shepherd and whenever they are summoned, they transform from dogs to human-like beings, only to retain their dog trademarks.


Hunter is the Golden Retriever mix from the United States and is the leader of the Road Rovers.

Colleen is a rough Collie from the United Kingdom and the only female of the group.

Shag is a sheepdog from Switzerland, but is the only dog in the group who is not fully transformed into his human-like being.

Blitz is a Doberman from Germany and is a team player but shows no respect for others except himself.

Exile is a Siberian Husky from Siberia and is a master of fixing and unfixing things.


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