The RowdyRock Boys (Bumblebee, Bruise and Block)

The RowdyRock Boys

The Rowdyrock Boys are a trio of mischievous and evil triplet boys who are after the Rowdyruff Boys.


Starscream accidentally created them when trying to recreate the evil Rowdyruff Boys. They were easily persuaded into fighting their opposites and the Autobots. When confronting their opposites, they met Vixyner (the Nobody of Ryvine Sparkle) who offered them his

Team Members

  • Brusie is the opposite of Brick, and the self-proclaimed leader of The Rowdyrock Boys, He is wicked, dark controlling and badness, whereas Brick is caring, good and polite. He is also an instigator of conflict between his brothers. His element is Thorny Lizard's Tail. His signature color is Olive Green. Even though he is Brick's opposite he is just as smart. He uses his smartness for evil instead of for good though.
  • Bumblebee is the opposite of Boomer, he has a perky attitude, and is the most unintelligent, obnoxious, naughty and mad one of the group. Bumblebee is smelly, like Boomer, quiet and adorable demeanor when angered and smelly. One big difference between Boomer and Bumblebee is that, while Boomer is the timid one of his group, Bumblebee doesn't ever cry. He only whines, growls and complaines. Bumblebee enjoys sassing people and being a troublemaker. His element is Honey. His signature color is Dark Yellow.
  • Block is the opposite of Butch, and the third and final member of The Rowdyrock Boys. He, like his counterpart Butch is the most violent and rebellious member of the group (despite his one and only difference from Butch is that he is more violent than him). Block enjoys being rude, anger, crude and gross towards everyone (including his brothers). Block's element is worms. His signature color is Peach Orange.



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