This is how the Scraplet invasion goes in Stephen and the Scraplets

[Meanwhile, Stephen is at Ulfstead Castle. He sees Thomas and whistles to him]

Stephen: Hello, Thomas.

Thomas: [notices Stephen] Oh, hi, Stephen. [something bites his buffer] Ow!

Stephen: [gasps] Thomas, what happened?

Thomas: Something bit me!

Stephen: [looks confused] Bit you? [looks at Thomas' buffer and notices mark resembling jagged teeth and gasps]

Thomas: Why did you just gasp?

Stephen: I think that that something that bit you was a Scraplet.

Thomas: Scraplet? Ha! We got rid of those metal eating monsters years ago.

Stephen: Or so we thought. They've returned. And I sense that someone somewhere is controlling them.

Thomas: [hears a biting noise] I think you're right, Stephen! [looks over the cliff and sees a dozen other Scraplets below] They're back!

Twilight Sparkle: We'd better go find Ratchet!

Stephen: She's right! [puffs away with Thomas behind him]

[Meanwhile on the Nemesis, Ratchet is with Bulkhead, chatting to him]

Ratchet: Honestly, Bulkhead, if you would stop breaking things.

[They suddenly hear two whistles and see Thomas and Stephen approaching]

Thomas: [stops in front of Ratchet] Ratchet! [pants] We have a problem!

Ratchet: What is it?

Stephen: We've seen proof that the Scraplets have returned!

Twilight: It's true!

[Thomas shows Ratchet a video and Ratchet thinks for a moment]

Ratchet: You are right, Thomas. They have returned. This is an invasion. A Scraplet invasion!

Thomas: What do we do then?

Ratchet: We have to rally up the whole team whilst we can.

[The whole team enters the main control of the Nemesis]

Ratchet: Team, we have a terrible crisis on our hands. Which we must prevent and fast.

Bumblebee: What kind of crisis?

Ratchet: Scraplets.

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