This is when Noby’s friends has set out to find Noby in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

Sue: [gotten faith in Noby, and refuses to give up on him] Guys, I’m going to look for Noby on my own, whether you’re coming or not [tries to walk out the door]

Doraemon: [stops her] Wait! You can’t do this alone.

Big G: He’s right you know.

Sneech: That’s why we’re going to help you find our friend Noby

Tino: Us too!

Shido: We’re coming to

Thomas and Twilight: We’ll come to!

Brian: Hey didn’t forget about me

Tammy: I’m coming to, because Noby is my son. And I can’t lose my son now!

Sue: Thanks you, guys

???: We’re coming to!

[Ash and his friends showed up]

Shido: Ash?

Carver: You guys are going to look for Noby with us?

Ash: Yeah, cause Noby’s our friend, and we’re going to find him.

Pikachu: pika chu

???: Us too!

[Sven walks up with Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf]

Elsa: Anna!

Anna: Elsa. [embraces her] I haven’t seen you forever.

Doraemon: You’re here to look for Noby with us too?

Ana: Yes. We heard the Noby ran away from home so we decided to help you out.

???: What’s up guys!

[Todd and his friends showed up]

Shido: Guys?

Todd: It’s been a while Tino

Tino: Yeah, that to.

???: Aw, there you are

[Powerpuff Girls Z showed up]

Buttercup: S’up

Thomas: Powerpuff Girls Z! Good to see you all.

Bubbles: You too Thomas.

Thomas: Same as usual.

???: Hey guys

Ash: Rick O’Connell.

Rick O’Connell: Tino Tonitini, Thomas the tank engine, Twilight Sparkle, and Brian Griffin. It’s been a while.

???: We find it curious

[Littlefoot and his friends showed up]

Littlefoot: Hello

Tino: Well, well, well. If isn’t our old friends Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike. It’s been a while.

Cera: I know.

???: Hello my friends

[Riruru showed up]

Carver: Riruru? It’s that you?

Riruru: Yes. I’m here to help find our friend Noby. Wherever he is?

Tino: Then it’s saddled! This is our search for Noby begins! Who’s with me!?

Everyone: YEAH!!!


Noby: Okay, I’m about…1,000 miles away from Earth, and I’m about 50,000 miles to Planet Aqua. Okay, this will takes about 3 days till I find a shortcut to the planet. But first, I got to go get some gas.

[At the space station]

Noby: Thanks guys for the fuel and the food.

Astronaut #1: Hey it’s a supply of rocket fuel, hamburgers with fries and drinks.

Noby: Well umm…it’s a big supply of them alright.

Astronaut #2: You got that right.

Astronaut #3: Now be careful

Noby: I will. Bye

Astronauts: Goodbye

[Back on Planet Aqua]

Sophia: So, Noby had made his decision to come here. This is perfect!!

Soldier: I know Queen Sophia, and then what?

Sophia: You’ll see.

After all my life
My dream will come true
And Noby is on his way right now
I will finally have Noby, my love
Now that he is coming
I will have him
When I do Noby will be all mine
I will fix his broken heart
When Noby, my love come
I will finally have him as my husband
Now that I’m queen there is nothing that I can do
Except making Noby, my love a king
Now I will finally have him
To make him my own
I love him so
Noby, my love
I will care for him
Love him
And always be by his side
I will never leave him
And then I’ll have him, Noby, my love
When Noby, my love comes
I will fix his broken heart
When Noby, my love come
I will finally have him as my husband
Now that I’m queen there is nothing that I can do
Except making Noby, my love a king
Now I will finally have him
To make him my own
Noby my love

Sophia: Then, when I make Noby our king, I’ll marry him, then Noby will be mine forever! 


Tino: Okay guys we’re going to look for Noby from top to bottom.

Ash: Right.

[They scatter across downtown to find out where Noby is]

[Then they unite]

Littlefoot: Any sign of Noby yet Tohka?

Tohka: Sorry guys, no sign of him anywhere

Serena: Maybe he went to outer space.

Ash: Yeah I think so too.

Big G: Ash! Serena! Don’t be ridiculous! Noby will never go to outer space unless he had a rocket ship.

Tammy: That’s right, Noby is my son. I’ve missed him already.

Sue: Me too.

Sneech: Me three

Kotori: I know

Cera: Where ever can he be then?

Ducky: Who knows? Right Spike?

Spike: hmm hmm.

May: We can’t give up now! We have to keep looking.

Shining Armor: That’s right we’ll go to find Noby.

Apple Bloom: But how?

Rainbow Dash: By looking at a trail of rocket smoke that goes all the way to outer space that’s how!

[everyone looked up and saw rocket smoke going straight to outer space.]

Vinny: Oh my Gosh, she’s right!

Scootaloo: Good one Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Thank you

Doraemon: Come on, let’s go!

Ash and Shido: Right!

[they run to the hill until they gotten up to the top of it]

Max: We’ve finally made it to the top.

Dawn: Man, I’m tired.

Clement: Me to.

Petrie: Hey! That where Noby was!

Tino: Petrie’s right, look!

Mana: Well, what do you know?

Shido: Noby must have been here.

Tohka: How could we get to outer space? We don’t have a rocket.

Doraemon: I guess that’s is where Noby is heading toward outer space. Come on let’s use my…”THE ROCKET TRACKING ROCKET!!!” With this gadget we’ll track down Noby in no time flat.

Shido: Do you think that’ll work?

Ash: Yeah, you’re the one who said things never go out as planned.

Doraemon: I’m sure it’ll work this time. After all, Noby is our friend.

Shido: Ash and I guess you’re right.

Misty: All right let’s go

Brock: I bet Noby is going to a different planet.

Carver: But which one?

Brian: Who knows Carver?

Elsa: We have to figure out which planet is Noby is going and fast.

Olaf: She’s right, besides I’ll give him hugs and more hugs.

Lor: Hugs? Really?

Olaf: What?

Dawn: Seriously hugs?

Alex: We like hugs but is not the time to do it.

Doraemon: Everyone just get in the rocket already!!

Rick O’Connell: Okay sheesh! What a grouch!

Big G: I know right.

Rocket: 5…4…3…2…1/ Blast off!! [blasted off]

Sophia: Aw man! The others are looking for Noby!! My plan will be ruined! We have to prevent them from taking Noby away from me, somehow. Or if they come, I’ll lock them up in the dungeon to keep them out of the way. Then I’ll finally have Noby.

Kurumi: Then I’ll finally have Shido, am I right?

Sophia: Yes. That is our deal.

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