The Search for The Rainbow of Light is another story made by Stuingtion.


The Miner Trains learn about a cult that has stolen "the Book of the Dead" and they use it to bring a very weak Tirek back to life. But the only way to give Tirek back her true strength as well as the cult is with "The Rainbow of Darkness" but Cazidy (one of the Cult members and a Tigle) loses the bag when it falls over a waterfall, so the cult send her to go get it or else. But our heroes find the bag so Cazidy has to help them find the cult (But in reality she's only doing so the cult can get the Rainbow of Darkness). But at the same time, our heroes must search for the Legendary: "Rainbow of Light." Which can help them on their quest.



  • This story is a mixture of "The Mummy" and "Ice Age".
  • This story marks it's first appearance of Cazidy.




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