Here is how Dawn the Indominus Rex begins fighting the Piranhaconda in Genesis World.

Later, Yuna and their close friends are reunited at Main Street.

Princess Yuna: Alright. It's up to us now. We have the Raptors, Sabers, Dire Wolves and the T-Rex ready to take down the Piranhaconda. We'll have to work together on this!

Stary: Right, Yuna.

Just then, The Piranhaconda came.

Princess Yuna: There it is!

Alexis: (counting some teeth) One, two, three... We need more.

Princess Yuna: More what?

Alexis: Same number of the Piranha!

Jim: We'll need Dawn!

Moon Starlight: Right away! Our secret weapon is ready!

Princess Yuna: (over radio) Microscope. I need you to open the gate!

Microscope: (over radio) Are you sure, Princess Yuna?

Princess Yuna: (over radio) Yes! It's time for Dawn to come to the rescue!

Moon Starlight: (as Gussie) RELEASE THE SECRET WEAPON!

Dawn was out of her enclosure.

Princess Yuna: Go get him, Girl!

Dawn makes her attack at the Piranhaconda.

Piranhaconda: (screeches)

Dawn: (roars)

Princess Yuna: Get him!

Dawn and the Piranhaconda took up a brutal fight. But, Dawn was rapped in the giant snake's coils suffocating.

Douglas: (growls)

Then, the Raptor Pack, Dagger, the Saber Tooth Pack, Alpha and the Dire Wolf Pack and Heather saved Dawn as they kept on fighting the Piranhaconda luring it to the ocean.

Pirahnaconda: (screeches)

Just then, Mosasaurus, Plesiosaur, Elasmosaurus, Liopleurodon and Basilosaurus grabs the Piranhaconda.

Mosasaurus: (grabbed the snake's neck)

Plesiosaur: (grabbed the snake's upper body)

Elasmosaurus: (grabbed the snake's middle body)

Liopleurodon: (grabbed the snake's lower body)

Basilosaurus: (grabbed the snake's tail)

Pirahnaconda: (screeches)

The prehistoric sea monsters dragged the Pirahnaconda into the water.

Dawn: (gentle growl)

Jigsaw: (growls)

Dagger: (leading his pack back to it's pen)

Alpha: (howls)

Heather: (gentle growls)

Dawn: (wanting to be petted)

Princess Yuna: Well, (petting her) We've just made some new friends.

Pound Cake: We sure did.

Pumpkin Cake: And there's a mess to clean up if we're going to open Genesis World again.

Genesis World was saved by Princess Yuna.

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